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Curiosities of the Aether Waves (aka Links & Reviews)

Ladies & Gentlemen, May I modestly propose a discussion thread in which we share links to various steampunk (and such) sites that we h…

Started by Aloysius FoxLatest Reply

New Citizens of the Empire

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Ae…

Started by Aloysius FoxLatest Reply

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Carrington Event

Did the Carrington Event aka Great Solar Flare of 1859 kick off an age of SteamPunk and would another do the same?   Some background for th…

Started by Captain

23 yesterday
Reply by Captain

Fencing, Shooting, and other sporty fun

I was wondering how many people fence or go shooting or have equestrian training or play cricket or practice any other classical "sports".…

Started by Jessie Desmond

91 on Friday
Reply by Captain

Creating Miniature Film Set For Screenwriting

As my story revolves around the main setting of the Alamo Mission as it was in 1836, obviously my first goal was to find a highly-detailed…

Started by C.J.M.

0 on Thursday

Rolling Ball Machine In The Film 'Fracture'

I wished to ask if anyone seen this in the above film, supposed to have been designed by Anthony Hopkin's character. I would have really li…

Started by C.J.M.

0 Sep 12

Dutch Steampunk film project 'Rusted Leather'

Here is the first Steampunk inspired filmproject in the Netherlands (that I am aware off). You can either support it, directly on Indie Go-…

Started by Dankaert Lexicon

0 Sep 12

How Do You Join Chat ?

Looked chat which is mostly empty when I'm around - time diffferences ? Anyway, don't know how to post there, as in, write a message and s…

Started by C.J.M.

5 Sep 5
Reply by the Baroness

To stand , or not to stand ?

I have been asked to propose a toast to the memory of Alfred d'Orsay Tennyson Dickens , son of the more famous Charles . At the conclusio…

Started by Prof. Sebastian Fate

17 Sep 3
Reply by Prof. Sebastian Fate

New television show

I am just starting to watch a show on Netflix called Revolution. While not exactly steampunk, the premise is that 15 years ago the power gr…

Started by Linda Whitworth

28 Sep 2
Reply by C.J.M.

Steampunk Superhero?

So I noticed that a lot of superhero movies are coming out and I was wondering what you think a steampunk superhero would wear?   Can be ma…

Started by Lady Rayna Keller

15 Aug 25
Reply by Nicci T.

Brass Sextant

I was aware of this navigation instrument for a while which interested me, but it was only after watching the recent film 'All Is Lost' sta…

Started by C.J.M.

10 Aug 25
Reply by C.J.M.


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