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RIP Richard Nagy AKA Datamancer

The very sad news is breaking that Richard Nagy died suddenly late last week. There seem to be few details at present, but for those unfami…

Started by Argus FairbrassLatest Reply

Curiosities of the Aether Waves (aka Links & Reviews)

Ladies & Gentlemen, May I modestly propose a discussion thread in which we share links to various steampunk (and such) sites that we h…

Started by Aloysius FoxLatest Reply

New Citizens of the Empire

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Ae…

Started by Aloysius FoxLatest Reply

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Sherlock Holmes and the Gunman

An on-going Sherlock Holmes story ? I'll start it off . Feel free to join in . Astute ' Sherlockians ' will note that this story is set in…

Started by Prof. Sebastian Fate

84 on Thursday
Reply by Prof. Sebastian Fate

Introductions: Greetings, lads and lassies!

       Greetings! It is I, Ophelia Rumscuttle! The fifth in a very long and prestigious line of Ophelia Rumscuttles. What's that? You hav…

Started by Ophelia Rumscuttle V

0 on Wednesday

Artisans-Visionaries Las Vegas

Leather, metal, cloth, and wood. I am currently engaged in a search for artisans who are versed in Steampunk, in the Las Vegas area, who ca…

Started by Declan Otis Allen

5 on Wednesday
Reply by Declan Otis Allen

Brass Goggles?

Anybody know what's up with the Brass Goggles website? It's not there.

Started by Lepidoptera Wible

2 on Monday
Reply by Artemisia Caine

Any Cowboy Action Shooters? (SASS/NCOWS)

Are there any other active cowboy action shooters here?    If so, please share a little about your kit and posse.

Started by Captain

84 on Monday
Reply by Captain

Victorian Walking sticks and Parasols - What kind do you use. Try to find and add related pictures or video clips !

This is a vintage cane with brass knob and tip, fresh from an old estate. The shaft is oak, and the top knob has good weight. This doubles…

Started by Wolfgang Metzger

977 on Monday
Reply by Kyth Fish

Steampunk gathering

I would like to have a steampunk gathering here on the Central Coast of California. I would like this gathering to start off small but poss…

Started by Captain Cornelius Pumpernickel

0 Oct 25

Murdoch Mysteries at last syndicated in the US

I joined this forum mainly because I thought Steampunk denizens would be interested in this. Murdoch Mysteries is a long-running Canadian s…

Started by wuzetian

13 Oct 24
Reply by wuzetian

On Being Splendid

Steampunks motto - for want of another word - is Be Splendid; are you splendid and how do you display this splendidness? Should we be splen…

Started by Alexandra Peel aka Lucy Lockhart

17 Oct 24
Reply by Alexandra Becca Seabrooke

Steampunk jokes and Humor

Has this topic been broached before? Do you have any good jokes to tell when in the drawing room, salon or saloon?   'One of the Queen's Ma…

Started by Baldur Makepeace Bear

55 Oct 20
Reply by Baldur Makepeace Bear


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