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I'm putting together a Steampunk Circus - themed fashion show for charity. I have a few people booked, but I really need help to pull this together. I'm in need of a band, jugglers, unicyclists, vendors and anyone who would like to lend their talents to a good cause for a couple hours.

The pay won't cover your rent, but I can also cover transportation costs (reasonable of course), food & drink and provide photos for your portfolio.

Please help me make this successful. I'm beginning to freak out.

You can reach me at 914-862-0632.



Liz Jacobson

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Now, I know that 914 is just outside of New York City, but how many other people woudl know that?  This is an international board -- not everyone here is your physical neighbour.

Also, a shouted 'HELP" with three exclamation marks gives potential readers no information whatsoever.  A topic line stating when, where and who would be far more productive.  "Circus Performers Needed, July 23rd, NYC Area" might get a better response than 'HELP!!!"

Just my 2 quid.

Oh CRAP!...  You're RIGHT!

I'm so flustered, I completely forgot to say where it is. Damn it.

I'll take your advice, and rephrase the header.


Thank you so much!


I daresay the Doctor is correct lass.  There are far better ways to look for performers than a simple shout out.
I thought someone was in danger.....this was just a bad topic all around, so let it go away.
wow is too far for me i haven't been to new york city in 20 years although mmmm....  it would be quite the show to crash when is this?

The show is next Saturday, June 18th from 11am-1pm. I expect it to be quite the show.


All able (and otherwise) bodied SPers welcome to join in the fun. We'll even put you on the catwalk!

Move the show to florida and you will get plenty of help, then you will only have to pay transportation for one, we will even bring our on lunches, better than that we will buy you drinks. just think of it.
You very nearly have ME convinced to move to Florida, sir.
I'm with you Persephone! I'm almost convinced too!

Thank you Dr Teal,


I certainly understand not making the drive from the Cape.

As for proper posting... There's no question, I'm definitely learning from my mistakes.





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