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Lady Tanglwyrst, has announced there is a writers contest by a Hugo Award winning magazine in which they are looking for short stories (500 words) on a "Bad Idea".

Such as a chain mail bikini, (yes it might look good but... and guys I do mean for the ladies! It would be a REALLY bad Idea for a guy...but on the up side is you would probably stun the enemy so bad that you could kill them or cause them to laugh so hard the bust their guts and die.)  That is just an example please do not take my idea... :)


Due date is Oct 1st


All submissions should be sent to the following email address

If you have a question send quires to her as well.


One Correction... there is no prize but the chance to get published in the magizine which for a writer is a pretty good prize if you ask me.

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