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What is a good paint I can use on plastic and or metal that will simulate brass? I have found a excellent paint for copper but I am still looking for a brass paint.

Any helpwill be very much appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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honestly the best Ive come up with is mixing various shades of gold/ silver paint. Then weathering it through washes  and lightening the coats. 

Liquid Leaf brass is a nice brush on solvent (probably laquor) based paint. Light coats over raw plastic, it will eat ino it.

Rub n’ Buff (metal pigments in a paste wax binder) is very good to simulate wear polishing.

Don’t forget the copper patina (green corrosion) paints that are cropping up in craft stores. A thin wash of this to simulate corrosion in crevasses is a lovely touch.

Keep bashing those things together!

When painting should I use a black primer and then apply the paint?

Primer color depends on what color you are putting over it and what effect you wish to achieve. Black primer will darken colors and create a shaded, sinister effect. I would not use black if yellow or red was being applied over them if you wanted the colors to be true. A white primer would be good for these colors to look like their caps. Yellow would shift to green depending on coverage. Red would shift into russets. This type of layered painting is not by any means wrong. I have seen spectacular results from layered paints and even 2 different colors sprayed simultaneously. Try different techniques on test pieces. Dollar store squirt guns are wonderful for experimentation. Keep notes, mental or otherwise, on what was used and in what order so the results can be duplicated on prize pieces.


Keep bashing those things together.

Testor brass model paint is good.

Ok, I have finally (and I am convinced accidentally) found a brass paint. It is made by Krylon and was found at Michael's. As soon as I paint something with it I will post a pic and let everyone see how it turned out.



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