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This is the result of a discussion on another thread. When posting "Events" could the posters please include the country, state and city in the first line or two of the post? We can then see, at a glance, what events we can realistically consider traveling  to.

(signed) -A Cranky Old Bastard 

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Well done Dr. Teal...


You are a man of action!


Cheers to you and yours,


May I just add a heartfelt.....Please?


I has gotten so that I hardly read the Events listings anymore.  Oh! Look! The Triphammers are going to be playing at a tea party/ cabaret at Toad Hall as a benefit for the Displaced Wellsians!

(Where the hell is Toad Hall?  Who are the Displaced Wellsians?  Can't you even put a link to your Group, which for some reason you named the High Pressure Tortoise Racing Fancier's Forum?)

Yes, it's hard to tell sometimes just where the devil the shindig is going to take place, and I feel silly having to ask amongst all those people that seem to know what's going on.


Please and thank you!

Workin on the waltham meetup date for ya... nothing set as of yet.  A sunday at the end of the month is the norm.

Indeed... we're noobs so the waltham exhibit and meetups have been our conduit to the steampunk scene.


If you like the the tinfoil hat song then you'll love this tinfoil hat contest I did with a voice chat community:


I just recently discovered RAW thru audio libraries... but the content and concepts I've been familiar with for some time now in my McKenna-centric research (lilly,leary,mcluhan,joyce). I have tried to incorporate e-prime into my everyday linguistics and writing projects since coming across RAW. Even more recently, I've been turned onto the Ong's Hat mythos to satisfy the tinfoil in me.


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