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I'm finally at the stage where I think I can Show it off. 

Remember this thread?


These are the progress images from that project. 


First: the Ugly Stock.

As you can see, this stock is coated in a massive amount of lacquer and paint. It covered up a myriad of  issues, such as chipped wood, bad sanding and deep gouges. I rectified those as best as I could before moving to the next step.

I chose this delicious cherry stain for the stock. The color would work well against all the colors I planned on using. The Staining would up being a bit of a chore, as the weather turned on us and started blowing as I finished the second coat of stain. We had to sand on some of the stain to remove residue and some bubbles.

Here is the mockup of the PVC tubes and their lengths set against the stock. This was where some of the trickier issues happened. At first, The Other Half ( the Gun Nut) wanted to use Copper pipes. I balked at the cost. Then, seeing my frugality, he leaned toward the of use PVC T joints to adhere scope to barrel and I refused, saying it would look too fake. We found a happy medium with long bolts and spacers. He did find the finials, though - a nice touch.

Painting the tubes was pretty fun. The copper paint we used ( see background) was much thicker than we anticipated, and when it didn't quickly adhere,  it dried and left a massive amount of copper flakes everywhere. I spent an hour swiping my Khaki military coat on the work bench, picking up copper flakes.

Here's the painted mockup. Sorry for the darkness, bad angle. You'll see a better one later. We attached all the pipes and used PVC glue to adhere them to one another, the Paint got slick on teh glue, so we had to quickly work to avoid smearing or running

I felt the gun looked too plain, so I took my fledgling Leatherworking skills and made an Acanthus handgrip for the stock. This helped keep the barrel in place, as the design of the barrel almost free-floats in the stock (the other half was VERY happy about that- I wasnt. That's him working on his own project in the back.)

I liked how well the hand grip turned out, I added a Cheek pad to the stock. Again with the Acanthus leaves. This is as far as I am at the moment. I still want to add golden paint accents on the stock as well as some flourishes to the scope and barrel. But it's pretty much done. I'll take it out to its first event this Saturday, I'll be sure to get photos.

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Excellent work. My compliments.

You have done a splendid job it has become a work of art which is what ever steampunk weapon should be. Now I do have one question what is it's name and story? All good steampunk weapons need a back story and now I look forward to reading yours. Also my complements to your other half as well he did good to let the weapon be yours and not his creation, but his help I am sure you will treasure as much as the weapon.


Good show Miss. Kitty!  I look forward to hearing about "her" first outing.

Really nice job and that lacquer was really quite ugly to start. I'm glad the outcome made the effort worth it. Makes one wonder why they used it in the first place. I'm looking to create a rifle and pvc will be part of the component along with a lacrosse longstick (about 5' of aluminum). Let us know how the paint wears on pvc if you can. Also note that your build details will be a big benefits to me.



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