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Hullo, fellow punkers! Online handle is Blade Redwind, but my pen name is Kit Roe. At any rate, I'm going to be putting out a steampunk series soonly. It'll be free to read online at one chapter per month! If you're interested please check me out on facebook @ This Link. I've got pictures up! Website is in the works and the book is done. Just waiting on a place to let people read it! Will be selling it on amazon kindle and lulu.

^^ So, if you have any questions, feel free.

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You must keep us posted on this! I love discovering new SP lit, especially as I'm in the process of writing my own piece of work. :)

No problem! If you're connected on facebook I have a writer's group of very awesome people I'm apart of. Just friend me and I'll add you if you like!

Why? Well, I could blog updates here, but I'd really rather keep my novella series on my own website. Is not! xP And that's ok; I use facebook because it's a good source of advertising and more use it that those who don't.

....I'm not putting my book on facebook. I'm putting it on my website. I don't HAVE my website up yet. You can see I wrote that in my first post. I'm not an idiot, thank you. I use facebook as a form of FREE ADVERTISING to get more readers.


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