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...and, I suppose, any gents who enjoy wearing mini top hats.

So, to the question...

What type of securing device do you find most comfortable on a mini top hat?

So far I've seen comb, elastic, headband, and various combinations thereof. What's your favorite?

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I make most of mine with very small crocodile hair clips, treaded through two elastic loops on the inside of the hat, its very secure and I don't notice them at all. I can post pics if you like
comb or head banneds
Those little combs that 'snap' into place. I added 3 of them to my last hat and it didn't budge all night! Our local $1 store has plenty of them. Highly recommended.
Thank you, ladies, for your responses! This definitely gives me a lot to think about and experiment with!
Hat pins are only semi successful. To get a secure enough hold, you usually have to scrap along the scalp to get them to hold.

I hate putting holes in my hats as well. I just recommend caution for anyone who decides to because it could destroy the hat.

However, my main point of warning, is that many cons would ban them. They don't come in small sizes, are sharp, and could make excellent weapons.
I have rather thick hair and no one could get a hat pin to work on me for the life of me, which is why for re-enactments I stopped wearing hats. It was too much of a hassle. I find that clips and combs work a lot better, especially in the wind.

The holes in a regular hat, yes. But often those mini top hats, especially the homemade ones, are cardboard covered in cheap craft felt, and that stuff tears quite easily, especially if there's a lot of weight to the pin. (Which glancing over at my mother's collection of them, most of them are.)

Though I am used to wearing hats in windy outdoor conditions, and few cons take place there.

The warning still holds true, the point secured or not. Depending on the location, they will consider the hat pin too dangerous to be allowed inside the con.


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