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Just found this website. At least for areas I know well, it has good suggestions for outings.

It is not a steampunk site, but overlaps with lots of our interests.

You can add any great places you know about, too.

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Mistess Lorelei, thank you so much for starting this thread!  I was wondering if anyone but me loved finding really cool places to travel to or explore.  I've never been to this site before, but it looks amazing!

I searched for my hometown -- St. Louis, MO, USA -- and while it had some of the major tourist traps, it didn't have much more than that.  I wouldn't mention this, except I live in a fairly large, well-known city.  No small town filled with hidden gems, we have all kinds of amazing stuff to do, that doesn't even ping on their map.  Ah well.  The entries for other cities -- and other countries totally blew me away.  This is gonna be something I have to study in greater detail.

    As for the midwest -- if any of you ever make it to St. Louis, please let me know -- there are a few places I would most definitely recommend.  Particularly for Steampunk photoshoots/ roleplaying/ and general adventures.


Short list -- We have new and improved vintage street cars from the turn of the century running through parts of the city, I hear tell that one can rent these for tours or just to ride in...  I'll have to look in more detail.

1.  We have one of the largest and most beautiful botanical gardens in the country.  It is actually internationally renowned and certain sections are period-victorian.  Look at their website:

2.  The Lemp Brewery in Downtown St. Louis is Victorian in construction (or just after, I believe) and is known to be haunted -- they give amazing ghost tours.

3.  The 1904 Worlds Fair Exposition was held here in town and many of the old crazy buildings from that are alive and well, can be toured or are still in use today (our FREE Art Museum being a prime example).  If anyone wants me to give more information (or would like me to stuff it -- I tend towards being city-proud) please drop me a note. 


I hope other people get online and write about their travels or home cities, too.

Great information about St. Louis! I love botanical gardens and old buildings, so I'm adding St. Louis to my list of Places to Go.

Far from telling you to "stuff it," I encourage you to add your favorite excursions to the "nerdy day trips" site. It sounds like it needs improvement in your area.

This travel forum is also an excellent way to help others learn about your fair city, and to plan for any trips you plan to take yourself. 

For those in the Southeast, C******, Georgia has an annual 4th of July parade ( which features steam tractors and other steam-powered and vintage vehicles. and are a couple of YouTube videos of it, with links to more of them.  The C****** Glee Club has had members selling earplugs to the crowd as a fundraiser; I highly recommend supporting them, or bring your own hearing protection.

The censor over the town name is hilarious.  Are you typing it that way on purpose, or is the website doing that?

It's the website censor :P  The name of the town is C-u-m-m-i-n-g; I think someone has a MUCH dirtier mind than they need to have.  I had run into this before when mentioning the C****** Steam Parade; I thought someone had had a rush of brains to the head when I looked at the posting above after I had entered it and the asterisks were lacking, but apparently the site censor does not react immediately.

The site censor kicks in after the 15 minute editing time is up; the asterisks attacked my most recent posting also ;)

Another amazing old town -- that I think doesn't get enough good press -- is Cincinatti.  The Over the Rhine area is almost entirely victorian row, and some of the churches there are simply breath-taking.  I'm an architecture snob, so I love this town.  The people are grand, and some of the best food I've ever eaten has been in little cafes in Cincinatti.


highly recommend it.

Sounds like fun! I've enjoyed living history farms & villages in Europe, but fewer here in the States. Thank you for posting this.

' Sovereign Hill ' in Ballarat , Victoria , Australia is a reconstructed gold rush town of the 1850's . Working blacksmiths , red coated soldiers marching around , and other muddy delights  .

Steampunks should be warned that there is a no costumes policy and anyone dressed up will have to argue pretty hard before being admitted . Goggles are a particular affront .

Thank you for yet another obsession.  ;-) 

I have posted a few living history sites already like Hickory Ridge Homestead in NW NC. 

Some exotic lost treasure to add to our lists of potential outings: 

Anyone else live near one of these? 

I just read the one on Wagner's music...about the silver saxophone. Goosebumps! Thanks for posting...


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