The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Salutations fellow tinkerers, travellers, and fine folks. I am very new to the Steampunk scene (having just attended the Victoria Steampunk Expo III the weekend prior here). After stumbling around blind on a dusky web-covered passage, I found a beacon of light, Steampunk Empire!

I am greatly inspired by this delightful Steampunk scene (amazingly friendly folk) and have started crafting Steampunk related merchandise, for example:

If you are interested to see more: <-- video of disk working.

And, of course, if said patron was ever so inclined to be in possession of said device:

I plan to work very hard to expand my wares and if the delightful denizens of this gathering of minds have suggestions, I will gladly take them in stride.

Gustav Von Frieden
Aether Anvil

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Well now good sir, it is my pleasure to introduce The Rosco AP-186 Battle Fist. Harnessing the powers of the Aether and fashioned after the gladiatorial Cestus, this ruthless gauntlet will aggressively destructuralise any large game, general undesirables, or inconveniently placed buildings with a swift jab. The ideal close-combat weapon for any Colonial Commissar or aspiring bar-room pugilist looking to level the playing field... and bloody well everything else within arm's reach.

Sometimes friendly folk need to reach out and touch someone dear...

These are positively exquisite, sir. Absolutely stunning work.

I thank you Madam, your praise is most appreciated.


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