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hello fellow steamer's  this is Dr. Thaddeus Miller here and last week i stumbled across a simple fact that i forgot about the concarolina si-fi con. is coming up on june 1st and i have no idea what to create for my out fit and i have very little money since i have inverted it in a great creation than will cause the world to bow to the great DR. THADDEUS..... i digress i just need ideas or a quick way and cheap to make a vest or coat any help and i would be eternally grateful

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The easiest solution is looking at thrift stores.  I'm a seamstress, but have yet to make my men any vests or coats. I've found them all at thrift stores.  Lovely rich brocade and velvet vests, heavy weight military style coats, lightweight dusters, and formal wool overcoats.  Check in the women's section as well as the men's.  Many times you can find vests in the wrong places.  It would be worth your while to spend a day perusing every thrift store within a reasonable driving distance.  I really like the ones in the ritzy neighborhoods.  There are good finds to be had at garage sales and flea markets specializing in vintage wares too. 

If you're interested in making a vest, they aren't difficult.  JoAnn Fabrics has Simplicity patterns on sale Memorial Day weekend for $1.  Simplicity 2346 is geared toward beginners.  You might also look at Simplicity 4762.  If you go to JoAnn Fabric's website and sign up to receive email coupons, you'll probably get one for this weekend that you could use for fabric.  They're also putting their clearance fabric on sale this weekend.  I always find Steampunk perfect fabrics in that section.  If you don't have a JoAnn Fabrics nearby, check Hancock Fabrics, or any chain fabric store near you.  They'll likely all have patterns and fabric on sale this weekend. 

P.S....Check the bedding and linens section of the thrift store for curtains, bedspreads, or other cool fabric you could use to construct a vest or coat.  Just make sure you wash thrift store finds in hot water or dry them in a hot dryer or iron them thoroughly with a hot iron to kill any unwanted pests that are always a possibility with used goods.


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