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any one know how to make collapsible top hat?

Help and hello! I am steampunk boy from the Philippines where steampunk is virtually unknown. Filipinos still go around town in water-buffalo driven carts and Charlie Chaplin is the hottest international star right now. :)

   Kidding aside, I am seriously in need of a top hat that i can carry around without carting a hatbox. Anybody know how to make one? thank you very much in advance

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well theres always the easy way take top hat stomp on it intell flat ta da collaplsible top hat all kidding aside i don't know but cant wait to find out the one i have found in all my travels had metal bars that poked my head a lot
The old ones have a metal device inside crown that performs that action. You can find all about it if you search for it on Google patents. Fairly sophisticated mechanism.
It's also called an "opera hat", so if you search for that you might come up with something. Men had to wear top hats to the opera, but they couldn't wear them during the performance. The opera hat could fold flat and be stored under the seat.

I've seen them for sale in US costume shops, for around $50 U.S. It would be ironic if they're actually made in the Philippines!
There's always threadbanger.
Do you think you could post the design up here? It would be very useful =)


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