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I've never been to the maker faire, but plan to go for the Sunday this year. I hear it's a hotbed of steamy activity! Is anyone elses in the empire going? What should I expect? What is not to be missed?

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I'm going! I've only gone once, but it was awesome. There is an area dedicated to steampunk stuff, along with an area for bigger sculptures/robotics. Area of workshops, area of craft booths, area of model kits. Lots of people dressed up. You will have a great time.

Maker's Faire is the coolest event in the Bay Area, and that's saying quite a lot! Perfect for crafty geeks, geeky crafters and anyone who gets excited about learning something new. The tickets are a bit spendy, but the entertainment value is vast. You can attend talks and demos, drop in on (free) classes in traditional and non-traditional crafts, or just wander around dazed by it all! Your kids can make things, YOU can make things, or you can touch and tour and be inspired by the things others have made.

I work about half the Faire (come by the St. Clair Aeronauts' letter-writing booth, and bring the kids - it's free!) and the rest of the time I play - last year I learned to join bits of decorative tin and other decor with hand-hammered rivets, made rings from buttons and a cap from waste felt in the Clothing Swap-a-Rama-Rama, and re-booted my old knitting skills. My husband prefers the more technical exhibits like hacked cars and the Tech Shop's equipment demos. Our visiting daughter liked the deconstructed fashions, wearable electronics, and LED hula hoop kits. We all like the neon art, the robots & unusual vehicles, the music, and of course flames shooting into the air!

If there are any Steampunkers out there who would prefer to work at the Fair, rather than just visit, as of yesterday we still had two openings at our booth. No pay, except you'd get in free. I think we'd prefer someone available for both days, but I can ask the Captain's Wife if it's possible to just work one day.

For the last couple years, there have been 2 steampunk areas, so just when you think you've seen it all - you haven't!

I loved the aeronaut booth last time I went!
Thank you kindly!
There's going to be a group photo by the aeronaut booth at 1:30 from what I've read.
Great, we'll look for you there!

That would be 1:30 on Saturday, May 21. Hope to see as many Bay Area & No. Cal. SP as possible!

The meetup above, is going to be attended by the Bay Area Steam Federation. They have meetups fairly regularly around the Bay. I suggest joining them on Facebook for regular updates. Friend Mr. Gene Forrer as he generally coordinates these things.


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