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YES! Who is it? Elemental?

Sounds like him, but no.  It's... um whoever it credits at the end.

Where can I download?

Thank you Mr. Finnegan, for some badly needed comic relief. I was cruising the Empire for distraction from life's travails.  I didn't expect to end up laughing out loud!

Kudos to the creator for those clever lyrics and images.  The close harmony isn't bad either.  I do wish I could carry a tune

Oh, I like it!  Totally worth coming back to now that I'm home from work.  Sadly I can't watch videos while I'm there due to firewalls.  Thanks for sharing Mr. Finnegan!

Ah!  I was just about to post this (having shared it across all other social media yesterday).  I'm glad someone beat me to the punch.  This song is delightful, hilarious, and very very true.

I will feature this on my podcast this week, Log 24:


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