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Does anyone else own and shoot black powder firearms?

Do you incorporate them into your costumes as accessories, where legal?

I live in a state where open-carry is legal, so I am seriously considering including a cross-draw holster plus my shiny, brass Confederate Navy (replica) revolver in my outfit for conventions this year. I'd be interested in discovering what others have done.

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These are a few of my more SP appropriate black powder weapons.  I have a number of others that might work into outfits too.  Since people can sometimes over react and, so far, there has not been an opportunity to shoot in a SP competition I have collected a few non-guns like a Broomhandle and half a Peacemaker.  I only have a good chance to wear SP a couple times a year like SteamCon so I just have not pushed the envelope.  There is also the awkwardness of flying with firearms.  TSA "plays" with even my non-guns like the chipped butt of the flintlock in the picture. 

I am slowly bringing SP into my local SASS group.  They all appreciate exotic old guns, fancy duds, and cooler shooting gaggles.  Apparently there were even SP classes offered at the SASS national convention this pasat year. 

That is a beautiful collection! I can certainly understand the problem with flying. When I have to, I just ship mine ahead via UPS thereby avoiding the prying eyes and fat fingers of Totally Stupid Agency lackeys.

Do you plan on attending Steamcon IV this fall?

Yes, we plan to make this upcoming SteamCon also.  Have you caught Gordon Frye's firearms classes in the past?

UPS is prohibitively expensive to Juneau since we have no roads in or out.  I was just quoted over $155.00 UPS shipping on a $24.95 Dutch Oven!  Have you gone to any of the local cowboy shoots? 

Ouch! That's nuts.

Yes, I was in his lecture in Steamcon III and it was very informative. I'll certainly be a repeat attender.

I went to a cowboy action shooting exhibition last summer with my wife and we really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to organize a company outing this summer at a local range where we can have a picnic/bbq and invite the local group to give us a demo. I was actually a bit overwhelmed at the popularity of the idea when I proposed it a couple of weeks ago, so I hope to make it happen in July. It's a bit of a different direction than IDPA for me, but I would love to give it a try, nonetheless. I'd probably want to get something like a Vaquero though. Shooting my beast is more like circuit training than marksmanship. :)

I had the pleasure of meeting Rittmeister Frye and playing with a couple of his weapons at one point. Amazing dude, and amazing weapons. 

Wait.. you are in Juneau? You have medieval black powder.. I strongly suspect I know you.. in fact, if you are who I think you are, I met you in Kass and Bob's shop at Pennsic a couple years back. 

You are correct, there were several SP classes at this past SASS convention.  I attended all but one.  There were however very few attendees at the sessions.  Too bad, the sessions were quite good.  They enough to get my wife and son and I to start planning to attend our first SP outing.  We're planning to go to Gaslight in San Diego, provided we can get everything together by then.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is the SASS convention?

Single Action Shooting Society. "cowboy shooting".. there are a couple of different organizations that do it, but usually it's single action pistols, a lever rifle, and a break open shotgun. Steel plates, bowling pins, that type of target.

It's boatloads of fun, but requires a bit of an investment in weapons. I had a .44spl Cimarron colt clone that was magnificent, but it was not a cheap pistol.

You are also required to dress in an approximation of the styles of the 1800's.  But at the convention, since we are not shooting, the attire is more like victorian formal dress.  The ladies break out their finest victorian gowns, and many of the gentlemen (myself included) wear our frock coats, top hats and bowlers.  I also get to sport my walking sticks.

the "dress code" varies from group to group.. some are quite nitpicky, and some are good with the 10 foot rule. I did watch a gal at one shoot smoke most of the competition in a mary poppins outfit and peg heeled button boots.. in gravel. It was quite impressive. And it was also quite funny to see all the long whiskered cowboys with their hats in their hands doing the "aw shucks ma'am" thing around her. 

Open carry may be legal in some states, but carrying even black powder weapons to a convention or event will get you thrown out and put on a Banned list.

I would think that would be completely dependent upon:

  1. State laws
  2. Local laws
  3. Hotel rules
  4. Convention rules

If I there isn't a specific regulation or rule prohibiting open carry, there should be no problem. Most likely the issue would really be with the latter two. Of course, I'll inquire in advance.


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