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Mike uy from the philippines. After bulding a steampunk hand, i require a new challenge. A steampunk airship is my next project. Nothing fancy, a small boat with a balloon. Two people can sit on it, and have  a date up in the clouds. Need ideas, suggestions. This is a REAL airship, by the way. 

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I suggest a really good life insurance policy. :)



Right, well first, the gas bag on that photo is much to small to hold up the gondola. If you really want to know how these things work, message me. I spent last semester doing a massive research project on the hindenburg.

In ur shore? what?

Hot air Balloons are much different from rigid frame zeppelins. Mainly because zeppelins have helium.

Not such a difficult prospect really. Seemingly a fine goal for which to aspire. Perhaps with a bit of preparation this feat may be well within our means. Any and all assistance would be welcome...

...anybody up for a flight of fancy?

well being a two place kayak i would say that the easiest way for propulsion would be to have the person sitting in the rear be using pedals and gearing from a 26 speed mountain bike to get the pedal crank and propeller speed ratio better proportioned and having a stick in the front for the pilot to have aileron and rudder control 

Good Heavens! First let me reassure everyone that the vessels depicted will remain intact. Although "the Ondine", a Klepper Aurius II, would be a prime example of the type of vehicle suitable for re-purposing as an airship, she shall preserve her Neptunal appointment resplendent with her sails to ply upon the waters.

What I propose in it's stead would be a similar structure. Modular in design of skin-on-frame, multi-hulled perhaps, lofted by means of a canopy, cycloidal in design, an upside-down hammock as it were, containing a multiplicity of helium filled envelopes. For means of propulsion the suggested pedal-powered apparatus would be desirable in order to maintain a modicum of encumbrance.

It is only apropos that this project coincides with my current duties as adjuvant to Mr. Ralph Frese, an esteemed fellow in his own right. Our collaboration to assemble the F³C², a folding skin-on-fram (SOF) canoe of his origination, holds precedence over any other endeavor until complete. That being said, the modeling of said project should provide enough structural materials for our airship and its space frame.


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