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Built my first Steampunk Lamp. What do you guys think?

Built this from other, older lamp parts and things found in antique shops.  The old (guessing 40's-50's?) voltmeter still works and is wired with the lamp so it shows voltage when the lamp is turned on.  The top section is an old Bausch and Lomb power converter housing - it originally sat horizontally and had a large wire-wound resistor element to convert 120 volts to 6 volts at several amps for an optical lamp of some sort, and would get hot when dropping the voltage, hence the housing. Wiring is fabric-covered vintage-style (found online), and a few brass features (mounting screws for gauge, grommets for wire entering top section and shaft). Had the center section (holding the gauge) machined. No plumbing pipe fittings here, wanted something elegant and clean. Everything is tapped / threaded to fit. The old inline power switch was also from the Bausch and Lomb power converter. Light bulb, although hardly visible, is an old Edison-style bulb - low brightness, many filaments... The picture does not do the bulb justice.


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I like it!
Very nicely done.
Very nicely done!
Fantastic! I wouldn't mind a lamp like that in my home :)
Well done .

I like it!

Very cool. Like that a lot!!!




Very simple but I love it! Unique and original!


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