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I came across a great, addicting, interesting online game from china, where you make up a empire of a company in a various kinds of business (like industry, service, entertainment etc):

Business tycoon online..
Or devolper:

I started yesterday and it were really fun, real world like and complicated (as I like it) I were more interested in that than a complicated western online game ;)

You start with a small company, and then you hire personal & buy stores, co-operate with partners and alot more! btw I took my nice avatar image from that site ;)
The game is kinda hard to start with though. But there is a helpful chat there and there is a help forum :)

But wait! My macafee respons to this website as red, but I havent got any problems so far and it seems serious..  Do you got any virus of this site?

well  enjoy!  and what do you think of this game??.

/sry for bad english Jacob

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