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Calling all Miami Valley, OH, Steampunks/Air Pirates!

Hello, I'm Izzy Burnham, First Mate of the Airship Dragon Flight. Togther with my friend, Josephine, we are interested in forming a proper crew. If you live in the Miami Valley are of Ohio (Dayton, Middletown, Hamilton, and the surrounding towns) and are interested, contact myself in any way you see fit. On this discussion, personal chat, whatever you're most comfortable with.

In terms of who we're looking for, all positions and jobs (save Captain and First Mate) are open; there's no occupation that can be turned away. Simply keep in mind that we're looking for pirates; if you're seeking a more... shall we say, calm and sane crew, you need not apply.

In order to be considered, give us your name, occupation and tell us about yourself. After doing so, allow some time before expecting any form of reply.

Raise a glass, best regards and happy flying,
Izzy Burnham, First Mate

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Madam, Miss Izzy, I know not if this offer is toward a collaboration and union of crewes for equal shares, each commanding their own Airships? Or if this offer of yours is to forgo my own vessel, crewe, financial gain and demote myself then to serve? This assuredly shant happen and I state this with the utmost and assumed mutual respect. Though, since we've both been dually invited to become equal members of AIRAT, I thought it may behove us to strike our own accord due to our close-ish proximities. I await your word and wish you the very best of health and the most good fortune. Most dastardly yours, AirMarshal Cain

A collaboration, if you so desire, would be doable. This was more to try and rebuild my own crew, who as stated before have abandoned me. Due to our proximity, a partnership of sorts would be the best way forward, I believe, and the least bloody path. If I know the two of us at all, any standoff should only cease after many have died in our mutual wakes.


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