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I think I may have created a monster this weekend. My husband accompanied me to the Symposium in Cincinnati. He didn't have any interest in Steampunk but was a willing date all the same. He has always has a great love of sci-fi and gaming and he now wants me to make him/us costumes based on Warhammer 40k, something called an Inquisitor for him and some warrior for me. I have looked at pictures online and I can do the costumes but how do we work these costumes into Steampunk characters? Suggestions, ideas, craziness, anything would be helpful.

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thankfully the gothic nature of 40k and is rather open ended so a simple to adjustment to color palate will make it work.  that should give you a few good ideas

These are great..thanks
I don't know enough about the genre to know what kind of warrior I would be. I saw some pictures of the Sisters of Battle, they looked interesting. I will do some further research and look up your other suggestion.

you can use Spray bronze paints or coppers on anything you create, thin copper tubing (hardware store) along with a pipe bender (also hardware store) can make some interesting pipes runnng from piece to piece, also look at ANY steampics, and watch for ideas you might incorporate. and last, make sure to have a nice pocket watch visible. 

  This is a starter, I am sure others will have ideas to add.

We've certainly been mistaken for 40k Imperial Guard...though maybe we aren't quite grungy enough for that. Wouldn't take much if we wanted to go that way... The Imperial Amerikan Air Corp.

You all look amazing....

For a character idea - what if he's a trans-continental mercenary? Selling his services to the highest bidding airship to fight battles across the globe - with his lovely but equally deadly companion?


I think I have decided that I want to be a Commissar. I love the look and it should be fairly easy to add a few Steampunk elements. How do I create a character that would make sense? I've never created a character before so I'm not even sure where to begin.

There are a lot of ways to create a character but the easiest way to descibe it is figure out what your Commissar would do in her daily life.  give her a name and you have a good start!


Here's the thing though...are you creating WH40k costumes with a steampunk element...meaning your goal is to steampunk someone else's fiction (like steampunk Bobbafett does) or are you creating your own steampunk "thing".
The universe of WH40K is already firmly established, so creating a character for that fiction is simply a matter of learning that existing fiction.  Adding a "steampunk styling" to that fiction is then just a cosmetic exercise.  There are certainly plenty of examples of this-again my favorite being steampunk Bobbafett-he may not have been the first but he's arguably one of the most successful.

If that's the case then I wouldn't worry to much about character development...cause it's been done already.  Just pick up a Ciaphas Kane book or a Imperial Guard Codex and read away.

If you are looking to do something original...then leave the 40K in the box and do something original.  While I am a HUGE opponent of folks telling others what is and is not steampunk...Warhammer is it's own thing, a complete sci-fi universe and really about as steampunk as Star Wars is.  You can certainly do a "steampunk interpretation" of....anything but then you are just giving it a different skin.
Course there's nothing wrong with that, and you don't really need to reinvent anything other than the "skin". 

Excellent points, Major! 

I plan on keeping my existing persona, which is in development, I was planning on adding this as something fun, maybe break it out now and again when I feel like striking fear in strangers. I think I could take the Commissar character and twist it a little and make my main character a prison guard. There are a great many pirates and criminals out there and they can't all get away with it, some have to get caught. I think I must have some sort of underlying issues with authority and not feeling in control in my real life...but more on that later.


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