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Where did the new chat go? It was a lot of fun having it last night, and then, it is gone!!


Bring it back I say!

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Wait a second, there was a different chat??


Yes, My dear there most certainly was!

Brilliant idea! By all means bring it back!

It was certainly fun, and the response was very good. 

I completely enjoyed the surprise chat as well.


It was so nice to have eight, or, heaven forbid, as many as ten people to talk to at once.  If at all practical, I wholeheartedly recommend the implementation of this chat forthwith.



That chat was great fun!

I have just recently joined and I am looking forward to a chat on this site. It is amazing full of delightfully informed and enthusiastic people.  Lets hope all the bugs are worked out of the chat and it will be up as soon as possible. 

Oh My! So, I wasn't dreaming? It wasn't too much of the *ahem* vapors?

By gum! A chat people actually used and enjoyed! I haven't seen the sorts in a while. I most certainly hope they bring it back.

It was glorious, darlin. It was very much like the old chat, it listed everyone that was on, not just the people in the room. It showed a long back log of the chat, so we could be up to date, and it was automatic on and detached in the bottom corner. It was quite nice.


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