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With the recent launching of the new chat has come a glaring realization that many have been discussing in the last few weeks. No one is in chat anymore. This has been going on for quite some time with fewer people appearing in chat each day but until the new chat launched no one realized how bad it had gotten because the side bar showing who all was online disguised the problem. Now there is no side bar and we see how few people venture into chat. There have also been complaints from current and former members about the lack of technical discussions and that every conversation devolves into Role Play at some point, hence the reason for the segregated chat rooms now.

I have a proposal to change that. A chance to turn things around and maybe get the chat back up and running again but I need help to make it happen. I need volunteers to help me come up with and initiate technical chat discussions. I propose we 'schedule' technical discussions as though we were scheduling panels at Conventions. I also propose that we start a long term role playing game in the RP room with a sitting 'GM'. I want everyone's thoughts and opinions on the matter. I will be asking everyone on my friends list to submit an idea for a technical 'Panel' and I will be enlisting 'panel' members to come initiate these discussions.

The chat doesn't have to die. We just have to be willing to put forth the effort to nurse it back to its former glory.

Come find me in the chat and we can talk it out.

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wonderful ideas on all counts, count me in


I would be willing to host a chat, perhaps on writing or literature or a related topic, but it would only be a once a week thing, as my hunt for employment continues.

Once a week will be plenty.


On behalf of Rachel and the Chat room and Empire I am sure she would love your help and input in a panel Syfer.



I'd be willing to help, time permitting. :)
one of the main reasons why I left chat was because of the RP stuff.  I don't find it interesting, too many people thinking they were animals, and when one would try to start a conversation about anything but RP, it was quickly shunted to the background and then forgotten.  Not everyone is into RP.
Thats why we now have two rooms, one for general and one for technical. Please join us in chat. The more people giving out ideas for panels the better!
No ideas for right now... But I would totally help!
WelI could do a panel on 3D in general as I'm learning in college.

It sounds like a decent idea. I'll help however I can.


Schedule with list of proposed topics might be helpful so those with expertise or interest can attend, to contribute  or learn. Keep in mind also , chrononauts, time zones !!
I would be willing to help out.  I could do one about fashion or writing or whatever you had in mind.  Keep in mind, I'm on German time!  :)  Great ideas though!


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