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Clockwork Alchemy in No. California under Fanime's aegis, May 2012

Great news! San Francisco Bay Area steampunks grieved the 2012 cancellation of Nova Albion. But did they give up? No, they did not! Many ideas were generated, and now it can be told ...

Thanks to the generous friendship of Fanime's organizers, we will have a con this year, and it will be splendid! Both cons will be held May 25-28, 2012. Members of Clockwork Alchemy will also be able to attend Fanime, and vice versa. Fanime is Northern Callifornia's largest anime convention, so I'm sure we'll be interested in what each other has to offer. Good thing this is a 4-day weekend...

Join us in San Jose on May 25-28 for a double-barrelled event!

For more information please go to To register for both cons, go to

Important: if steampunk is your major reason for attending, please use the promo code CA2012 when registering.

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And if you want the official Clockwork Alchemy website, go to

( Yes, we finally got the site live. Yay! )

Clockwork Alchemy is almost upon us. Panel topics are posted, balls and other evening events planned, honored guests, musicians - everything, in fact, needed for a wonderful long weekend May 25-28.

Check out


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