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Some years ago I lived next door to a chef, on weekends we raided our respective cupboards and refrigerator, pooled our efforts and prepared very of the cuff , but quite amazing meals which we enjoyed late into the evening under starry Colorado mountain skies. One common factor in all of these meals was the effort in plating and presentation, even though there were no guests. I asked why all to fuss one night, and the reply was that gourmet cooking was a celebration of food , and that presentation was a part of the meal, and quite often overlooked, it adds to the ultimate enjoyment . You guessed it , this one is about "presentation", particularly with respect to Victorian , neo-Victorian, and Steampunk aesthetics. Specifically how would you take an ordinary dish or meal and present it in a way that it is perceived within the Steampunk aesthetics.


1. You may present a main dish, side dish, salad , or desert, any one, or a complete meal,  afternoon or high tea, as simple or as elaborate as you like.

2. You may combine techniques of preparation,creative plating, garnishing , decoration, etc to achieve the desired effect.

3. You may enhance the effect with table setting, flatware, serving dishes etc to create the ambiance.

4. Remember, this is more about the presentation creating the effect rather than the actual entree, although that can play an important part, teh food soesn't have to be anything special, you are going to make it special with the presentation. 

5. Post a photo of your presentation , along with a brief writeup explaining why you made the choices, and how they represent the desired aesthetics.

6. This challenge may be executed in conjunction with other challenges.

7. Prize will be bragging rights, anyone taking a totally unrelated , or mundane subject and demonstrating a level of creativity that takes it over the top will earn extreme bragging rights.




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I did this rather quickly tonight.  It's been the first chance I've had to try out this challenge.  I didn't have any large gears, but I did have some saw blades (if you notice that there are two of them).


If I spent more time preparing - say for a group dinner or something to that effect, I'd probably build a copper fitting + tube candelabra and some other things like that.

I have put last night's dinner up to begin with. We started with pan-fried Barramundi with lemon sauce on a bed of summer greens with coconut shavings, a communal dish that I have called "Nemo's Ripaste", consisting of Nautilus, (giant pasta shells stuffed with king prawns, ricotta cheese,spinach, and baby octopus with tentacles exposed for correct appearance) on a bed of crushed tomatoes,garlic and basil, surrounded by squid ink fettucine and Port Lincoln King Prawns, followed by slow roasted Lincoln Red topside steak, with wilted spinach, chipped potatoes and minced horseradish. I believe what you are probably looking for is a "full Officer's Dinner", so will post that next, but for now, bon appetite.

This may seem a bit lazy, since I actually made this as a free printable project on my blog back in October, but it is all about giving a steampunk presentation to an ordinary food. 

The printable popcorn box can be found here:


I'll try to make something new this weekend. I have an idea, but I need kitchen time, followed by some time when this computing devise is not being used to write my husband's PHD dissertation.

Oh, that's fun.  Something to nosh from while at the moving picture show!

I did find time to play with my food.

This bento lunch, depicting an attack made by Air-Kraken on an airship, just made my 10 year old son very happy.

The sky is sticky rice with blue food coloring, the rising moon is half of a molded hardboiled egg, the airship is breakfast sausage, painted with ketchup and yellow mustard.


The party-pick with the airship captain was left over from my son's birthday party last month, and so was the laser-cut gear cupcake wrapper. The chocolate zeppelin rests on a chocolate cupcake, covered in vanilla, cream cheese frosting.


Dr. Hugo Eckener (my hero) once attended a party in which he dined on ice cream in the shape of an airship. It was very reminiscent of that, and I do wonder if you could recreate it with the same mold?

I have a football shaped cake mold that can be used to make a passable airship. You could probably use something like that to make a large molded ice cream.


This was not my most masterful cake decorating, but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about, here:

hmm, will have to consult with the husband  and cohort in crime about this one...  Already have the Jacquard brown tablecloth, with napkins and rings, and mom's cream and gold china...
Dinner for a Baroness. Beginning with suitable venue, 19th century church, table set.
Entree, "The Cog of Acceptance",Rose petals covered with rose petal syrup, Dragon fruit and tomato slicesand a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.
Very Pretty!


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