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A fun reprint, a forum Classic! It's 'Corrupt a Wish!'. What you do is corrupt the above poster's wish, then make a wish of your own. I'll start! ^.^




I wish I had a steampunk car ^.^

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You have your car but it traps you in the engine and runs off your soul.


I wish people liked me.

People do like you!

...submerged in boing water :D



I wish I had a steampunk mecha.

(this game is always so violent XD)


the wish gods grant you your wish, but then the mecha turns on you crushing every bone in your body :D




I wish i could travel time 

Unfortunately, you forgot to ask for the ability to control your destination, so you keep ending up in "interesting" times such as the Salem Witch Trials, Pompeii during the eruption of Vesuvius, the middle of a buffalo stampede, etc. etc.


I wish I had a nice cup of tea.

Your wish is granted, but once noon hits, you never get to sleep again.  Ever.


I wish that it wasn't so hot outside!

The game is based on the maxim of "be careful what you wish for". Often in fantasy literature, the genie, through spite or an overdeveloped sense of irony, decides to pervert the wish in granting it in such a way that the recipient can't take advantage of the wish. Frequently, this takes the form of giving the recipient exactly what they asked for, but not necessarily what they wanted.  A classic example comes from an old Twilight Zone episode where a man wishes for immortality, but then gets sentenced to prison for life without the possibility of parole.

I wish I could sleep till noon.


... unfortunately, the noon when you finally wake up is 60 years from now.


I wish I could understand and read all languages.




Your wish is granted, but you go insane within seconds and your brain hemorrhages from the sudden influx of knowledge.


I wish I was famous.

Your wish is granted but in the process all charities have closed and you are suddenly poor with no one to help.

...I wish I was rich

Wish granted!


But it is closed down within a month due to picketing by people who misunderstand what Steampunk really is and is currently haunted by the ghost of the caretaker.


I wish good Steampunk books that weren't derivative were written.

Your wish is granted. Unfortunately the army of servants are robots, and soon decide your home and yard would run more efficiently if you were put away - so they do.


I wish I could play a portable musical instrument well.

I grant your wish, I replace your lungs with bellows and have drilled into your stomach and added keys, you are now a walking accordion. You play perfectly, although it's extremely painful.


I wish that I had.........a million more wishes that could not go wrong.


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