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I'm new to steampunk and I was thinking of making a costume. I've never made a costume for anything so I have no idea what to do any ideas. I want to make a air ship captain costume. Also does anyone know how to steampunk a sword?

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Cool that's almost exactly the blade I was thinking

By any chance are either of you good gentlemen epeeists?  More to the point, would anyone consider competing in a brief epee (foil or sabre) tournament at a SP con?  It would not take much to recreate an 1890s style fencing event since not that terribly much has changed.  Maybe the only recently dropped from USFA rules one touch epee format?  (Still in Modern Pentathalon)  The London Daily Courier described the wonderous new invention of an electric scoring machine in 1896 the same year fencing entered the Olympics.


They sell those on Ebay now with the "Y" cords.  I had an old coach who used to rewire broken foil blades to make these too.  Once you make two "Y" cords out of three good body cords you can even make grounded bucklers and lame parrying cloaks. 

I'm going to check out some old shops by my house they could have what I need

I am also new to steampunk and will be making a military style dress uniform for special functions . Vintage , military surplus stores and sometime thrift stores are good places to find items to start with . I do know how to sew some ( buttons ) and have been looking for a used band uniform jacket to use as a base for part of a mid to late 19th century looking uniform . It is just one idea . Cheers and good luck to you in your search .

Hey I'm looking for a cheap brown long coat any ideas.


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