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Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I modestly propose a discussion thread in which we share links to various steampunk (and such) sites that we have discovered in our travels across the Aether Waves of what I hear is commonly referred to the "internet"?

Despite our growing numbers in the Steampunk Empire, these keywords in a Google search will bring up another delight, Sillof's customized action figures displaying the characters of that motion picture sensation "The Empire Strikes Back" re-imagined in steampunk fashion. But that's not all, Sillof have given several other super heroic icons the steampunk treatment and fashioned some very impressive toys. It is my belief that many of these steampunk revisions would make for excellent costumes, and perhaps some already have. So, if you have not already, investigate

and admire some of the fine craftsmanship that this workshop has created.

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There is always my website - I am a fitness instructor who embraces the concept of empowering individuals by embracing escapism.  On the professional side all my T's are crossed an I's respectively dotted.  My beneficial lifestyle programs are based on sound principles of functionality and adaptability training.  In other words fitness.  The goal is to develop a physique which mirror the mind, aesthetics play second fiddle to the mind, body, spirit approach.  However, eventually all the markers associated with fitness training will eventually come forth.  Consider the statement "Our bodies are designed to swing in the trees but our minds are surfing the electric aether", So train and eat like a caveman, just keep your elbows off the table.

The programs are an amalgamation of victorian past times with a modern twist:

This may be of some interest. It is an objet d'art from an exhibit related to the Addams Family: Steampunked Thing.

{Thank you, BoingBoing}.

Msrs & Mdms

Tho not a SP specific site, I would like to put forward the following for your perusal:

Rough & Tumble Engineering


James H. Maggard

Hello Chaps and Chapesses,

For those in the state of washington, on June 9th there is a display at the EMP for scifi including DR who, I urge those of the steampunk persuasion to visit.

Interesting article on SP in the San Francisco Bay Area, from Oakland's The Monthly Some discussion of the origins of the term, the maker side of the subculture, etc. that might be of general interest to non-locals.

Artype Design

nice stuff (didnt see if already posted)

this is all the same artist:    (It opened slowly for me, but it DID open.)

One of my favorites

and here is an interesting steampunk lamp that would be entertaining to one's guests in the front parlor

I'd be worried about shameless self promotion, but I presently do not sell my jewelry so this is more to show others what I am doing. I am a traditional jeweler turned steampunk jeweler.

Please visit my website:

Thanks and please give me feedback, I'd like to know what you think.

Here are my steampunk creations which I only started in January.

I hope you enjoy them - Kind regards, Mage Ingeneur

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned , but Jake VonSlatts 'Steampunk Workshop' is a huge source of inspiration

i notice datamancer has been mentioned , i thoroughly recommend that too

I write for a site called we always feature Steampunk artists, writers, reviews and articles. 

What would be the protocol on posting something of your own (that is I have a creative project and would like to share/promote it), through this thread or others?


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