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Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I modestly propose a discussion thread in which we share links to various steampunk (and such) sites that we have discovered in our travels across the Aether Waves of what I hear is commonly referred to the "internet"?

Despite our growing numbers in the Steampunk Empire, these keywords in a Google search will bring up another delight, Sillof's customized action figures displaying the characters of that motion picture sensation "The Empire Strikes Back" re-imagined in steampunk fashion. But that's not all, Sillof have given several other super heroic icons the steampunk treatment and fashioned some very impressive toys. It is my belief that many of these steampunk revisions would make for excellent costumes, and perhaps some already have. So, if you have not already, investigate

and admire some of the fine craftsmanship that this workshop has created.

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I don't have a link to share but I wanted to comment that I found this particular thread invaluable!  I'm a bit new to Steampunk, but it seems my artistic work is leading down this gear twisting path.  I am excited to page through these links to learn about the world and the the fashion...thank you all so much!

felicitous salutations, one and all! ok, now that i got that claptrap out of the way, a new diesel/steampunk mmo, (, is in the offing and they are asking those in the know to spread the word, so i am.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a lovely video with many wonderful steam punk inspired props, costumes and real people, based on the Dr Seuss book - (I'm not surprised since I once attended a wedding where this was the main reading):

Remarkable - I must say I enjoyed the website immensely.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to investigate.



This site is fantastic for budding writers and reviewers and has its fair share of steampunk writings.


From Hell, journey back to Victorian London with --

"Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders".

This website offers destinations for technophiles and the intellectually curious, around the globe. At least for areas I know well, it has good suggestions for outings.

It is not a steampunk site, but overlaps with lots of our interests.

You can add any great places you know about, too.

I would like to announce the creation of a new shop selling one of a kind handmade personal decorations:

The Navigatrix

Also new and soon to be full of high quality, hand crafted props and curiosities is:


(We are brother and sister shops..literally. I'm fortunate enough to live very close to Arcane Armoury's workshop so I can tell you that there are some beautiful props almost ready to emerge in glorious colour portrayals onto the screen. My advice is to keep checking every week or so.)

We hope you enjoy our offerings!


I have come across a collection of very charming pictures that members of the Empire may find to be of interest. This isn't a look into the past from our time, but a look into the future from our era of interest. These illustrations are by the Parisian gentleman Villemard, who tried to envision life in the year 2000 from the year 1910. I've found these to be quite fun and inspiring. Some of the predictions did not come true, e.g. flying firemen, but quite a few others did, podcasts, for example.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Life in the Year 2000.

Delightful! I especially love the classroom one - can't wait to show it to my husband, the former AV Monitor.

Hello, Mrs. Throckmorton,

I am glad that you like these pictures as well as you do. Going by the "long pants" of the crank-boy, I think that he may be of another social class and therefore is stuck to power the machine. My hope is that your husband did not have to spend too much time at the crank. Maybe the device is a book scanner that uses optical character recognition and then converts it to an audio file?

Like many an AV Monitor, he preferred his manual labor to the dreaded Classroom Participation. He also wants to see the flying firemen, as he longs for his own personal flight device.

I think you are right about the device's purpose, as information (if not understanding) is clearly being transmitted to the students. Judging by the number of books going into the hamper, their OCR rate is far ahead of anything we have!


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