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Brand new, only tried on for less than 5 minutes wearing time. We purchased these online and they did not look good with my husbands costume. Unfortunately we purchased them from a site that did not honor their own policies, so we are stuck with them.  They are size 11 mens, steel toed and taking up a large chunk of space in my house!!!  They retail anywhere from $130-$215, we are asking $100 plus shipping.

Please help me get these things outta my life!

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I am totally Down! Please contact me ASAP so I can take these off your hands posthaste
I can get these in the mail as soon as payment is received. I will take them with me today and weigh them for shipping costs. You can email me at and we discuss payment/shipping and get this going. Thanks!
The Boots arrived today, and they look FANTASTIC!!! Perfect fit, thank you again so much!!

These have become center-pieces of my outfit. I ended up getting into a 'friendly competition' with another gentleman with the same model, in customizing.


I won, as they now have 14 piratical skull-and-crossed-swords belt buckles on them, and a bunt cake pan that's been sawed in half and studded with leather trimming. My prize: I have to wear these ten pound monstrosities as hallmarks of my character/persona!



Thank you again so much for the base of this project/prop of my arsenal!

Dude.. that's bad arse. I love it!






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