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The many friends and sparring partners of the great Wally H will note with regret that the master of the visual joke and snappy wearer of bunny -slippers appears to have withdrawn from the Empire .

Should this be the case we can only wish him the best of fortune and hope he will eventually return .

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Oh, say it isn't so..................

I just can't go on without that gold tooth twinkle, red  pj's and bunny slippers!


Where is Wally ?

Maybe we should send out a search party?

Should we man our balloons?


Standing by - firing up the Hannibal Twin - Eight .


Ready, willing and able!

He was on at 5am this morning. I saw a post he had made.  However, now his profile doesn't even show up in the search.  Do you think perhaps he got himself banned some how?

Can't imagine that Wally would ever offend against the Empire's standards . Subverting them by wit was more his style .
Those bunny-slippers were an outrage .

I was just conversing with Wally today. Another one of my friends is gone now too. Very strange.

Members drop out for all sorts of reasons but it is especially regrettable when posts like Wally's are removed as well . Some years ago I was playing around with my page , pressed the wrong button , and was erased . My missing posts were no loss but Wally leaves a considerable gap .

Wally, phone home! We miss your wit.

If the Powers-that-be evicted him, I do hope they reconsider

I'll drink to that again, (hiccup)!  Cheers Wally!


Yes, Zack, please post it in my comments, I would love to have it on my page as well.

A good deal of inquiries should go out!

I can't just lose one of my victims- I mean participants in my game.


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