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I have never attended Dragon Con before, but I really want to this year. Our budget is very small and although I now have memberships for myself, my husband, and my son, it was a struggle to save up the money to get them. We just started looking at hotels in the Atlanta area, but they are very expensive. So, here are the questions: Has anyone ever camped when going to Dragon Con, and can you recommend a good campground?

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Are we really the only people going to Dragon Con who are even considering camping as an option?

you can rent room's from private homes in the area my friends did that last year ,most of the time just a short drive to the con check creig list or whatever its called

most of the hotels's ae booked by now or way over price you have to secure them 1 year in advance for Dragon con
although the hilton at atlanta airport was 119 per night i stayed there last year they have a shuttle to Dragon con every day and night or you can take the train which stops at that hotel
Thanks for all the tips!

Also try to look at hotels out toward Doraville. You can always take the MARTA train into the Peachtree station.


I live in Atlanta, and, sadly, I can't think of any campgrounds within comfortable distance of Dragon Con.

If you haven't already, join the TerminuSteam group and the Artifice Club group, both are full of other Atlanta folk, they might have some other suggestions for you.


I'd have to say that I am not aware of any really good campgrounds in the area that is going to service the con very well at all. It really depends on whether you have an RV or not, a vehicle you can move back and forth to con, and you're probably looking at an hour drive one way every day in order to do that. Con is in down town Atlanta, so it is not really convenient to camping amenities, and you would certainly not want to camp in the vacinity, the down town Atlanta wild life can be a tad bit dangerous, as in any large city.

LOL! I was aware that anyplace we could set up a tent would be a bit of a commute, but since we will be driving 6-7 hours to get there, I had figured that even an hour drive was an improvement. I've watched enough episodes of The Walking Dead to know that Atlanta can be a frightening place.

Anyway, the problem is solved and we have a room reserved.

I am glad to hear that! Enjoy the con! =)
Thank you all for your suggestions! We gave up on the camping idea when my husband realized he had enough hotel points to get us two nights at a Holiday Inn Express near Emory.
I think that's the one where I stayed in 2009. Have fun! 

And stop by my brother's booth, he'll be in the artists space, and he draws zombies and monsters and things.


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