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First attempt at jewelry. Advice would be spectacular.

Hey guys, I'm working on a pair of earrings for my girlfriend. If they turn out well I'll probably make some more. I'm looking for some feedback and some advice or pointers. I've never made jewelry before so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing.

All I have so far is what is shown, a glass capsule with endcaps with leaf patterns. I have an improvised hook for temporary use. This will be replaced later on, there is a small wing charm hanging from the bottom and I have a few peacock feather I plan to take strands of to hang from the bottom.The spiral is just some wire with a brass like finish. 

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 It looks lovely!! Jewelry can always be daunting when first starting out, but you find what works for you. I experiment with a few mediums, but I primarily make stained glass jewelry. I think you're doing just fine and those earrings look like serious quality - you could definitely sell them!! Good luck!

I'm not very good at putting the things together myself or creating designs, but I can tell you that easiest way to get supplies is to go to flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales.  Remember you can break apart watches, clocks, and old costume jewlery.

Thanks guys! I have high hopes for these and if they work out well and I can turn a profit then I'll start up an Etsy shop. I'm excited to get started on jewelry for the first time.

If you're really looking to try some things, check out your local community college. Most have nice little fun classes that'll teach you some basic skills on jewelry making. It's easy to stick a bunch of stuff together, but add in some skill with wire bending, an eye for design, and you really take a step up from the rest.

thanks for the heads up guys! I'm in college now at an art school so ill check out our electives :)

 ask amy fackrel of of the empire

a very good beginning for a first effort.

you've kept the weight down, a very important thing in earrings....

yes, locating supplies thru yard sales, thrift stores, etc. is a

good way to gather things. IF you plan on doing this commercially,

i suggest that you get a resale license for your state. this will allow

you to purchase findings and supplies wholesale.

2 suppliers i have used over the past 25 years are:

Kingsley North:

Indian Jewelers Supply:

both sell retail & wholesale, and have about the best

prices available to the novice jeweler.

Most jewelry makers will be quite happy to share their

knowledge of the craft, some may offer classes/apprenticeships

or just let you hang around and watch, learning the tricks

of the trade thru osmosis.

Don't be afraid to ask.

most of us older folks are quite happy to pass on skills

and information to younger folks to keep the crafts alive.

Thank you! I appreciate the advice very much! :)

Beautiful, and it looks like it might have a fantasy function or story attached.

My impulse would be to wear two slightly different earrings, made from same materials/colors & similar components, but not identical.

Thats funny actually because the second earring is identical except that the small wing charm is a different design. Same material, color, and size but different design.

I like the design, could you get a crystal in there so that it will sparkle when the sun hits it? Just a thought, I don't know anything about jewelry.

I've thought about it but the way the capsule is designed makes it a bit awkward. I wish I could though. Also, I don't have any crystals haha.


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