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This forum is for the descussion and recruitment of an airsoft team stationd in the Tampa bay area, anybody interested in joining is welcome.

I do not expect anybody to ware any expensive getup, uniforms will be discussed.

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What? Use spell check please it literally hurts my eyes to try and decipher what you are trying to say.

Secondly, Tampa has a massive Steampunk community. But I sincerely doubt any want to ruin their outfits (We wear Snazzy clothes not combat fatigues) running around doing milsim.

I apologies for the spelling I used my phone to post this. I'm not telling anybody to ruin thare nice suits. I have 3 diffrent steampunk outfits myself, a modified German ww2 dress uniform, basic working clothing, then a modified German ww2 panzer battle uniform. I juast want to start a team that's not like any other team out thare.
Once again I'm sorry about any spelling mistakes I'm at work using my phone to post these.

WW2 is generally not the accepted time period for Steampunk. WW1 is usually the cut off point.

That Dosnt mean you can't use some uniforms from ww2 especially German uniforms. It's not hard to make them look like thay belong.

I'm all the way in Ohio but good luck getting a team together. Airsoft can be so much fun!

Hello, Mr. DeGroat,

Your venture sounds like quite a bit of fun. I am quite far away from your location, unfortunately for me, so I would not be able to sign up with your unit. Have you considered looking for recruits in local airsoft forums? I am curious as to what type of modifications you have done to your uniforms to Steampunk them. I wore a Swedish post WW I wool overcoat the last time I skirmished and I had a good time wearing a vintage garment in the field.

I'd like to put a Steampunk airsoft team together, myself. But instead of military, I can imagine a team of nonmilitary players with a variety of outfits, lever-action rifles, shotguns, revolvers and Mauser automatics - the Serenity crew circa 1896, if you will.

Good luck and have fun.

I'm actually getting a lever action airsoft rifle for a game I'm going to in two weeks.
I modified the uniforms by first removing any symbol's thay came with, add my own and added various steampunk military items such as, a spyglass, brass compass, a saber ect. I allsow found a German style trenchcoat made from black patchwork lether. I will post pictures of my uniforms as soon as I get my camera working.
Thank you for your support

I'd meant to ask you last week- where are you purchasing your lever-action airsoft replica? I've been trying to find one for myself. Perhaps I've been looking in the wrong places.

Thare out of stock right now but keep an eye on them. This store allsow has an assortment of recovers bolt action rifles. Thay allsow have the p08 luger, and the mauser c96, and derringers.

Thank you, Mr. DeGroat.

In the summer, I often attend a Firefly airsoft LARP. Ergo, I'll be keeping an eye out for one of those myself. Oh... "eye out." ...poor choice of words, perhaps.

Burgess Shale, who always wears his goggles in the field.

C96 Mauser pistols and carbines, P08 Lugers, 1911 Colt .45 automatics, sawed-off double barrel shotguns, pump-type shotguns, bolt-action KAR98 Mauser or VSR-10  rifles, revolvers, and single shot grenade/shower launchers are going to be your period weapons.Calf high boots,  ankle boots with puttees, riding breeches, twill shirts, bush jackets, Brodie, German, or pith helmets would be your outfits. There are lots of Swiss, Swedish, or E.German uniforms for for sale online that look a bit WWI-ish. The same thing with pistol belts, holsters, canteens, ammo pouches, and suspenders.

If you go to the Oklahoma or national airsoft sites, I'm Doc Dodge there. I've been competing in airsoft 6+ years.

You forgot leveraction shotguns and rifles. Mg08, lewis, and other erly machineguns.
I'm currently working on a double barrel grenade launcher. And thare Arnt meany double barrel shotguns, I know Thares a saws off version, as for full size thay are rare and expensive. Unless you get the clear cheap one from bass pro shop. The machien guns have to be custom built from a resin cast and aeg internal's. I allsow have plans to make a ww1ish tank and artillery.


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