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This forum is for the descussion and recruitment of an airsoft team stationd in the Tampa bay area, anybody interested in joining is welcome.

I do not expect anybody to ware any expensive getup, uniforms will be discussed.

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Plans for a Lewis Gun

Use a Crossman R75 as your base gun

You got it

So,,, I walk into a convention wearing an oilcloth duster, a leather flight helmet, and aviator goggles, with a Lewis Gun over my shoulder, a Broomhandle Mauser on my hip, and a sawed-off double barrel shotgun in a leg holster. You think security might get a bit edgy?


Only untill thay check the guns.

Some events will allow replica firearms if you ask ahead of time and have them inspected. Then they put a zip tie on it as a visual cue to indicate that it's safe. Sometimes the barrels need to be plugged somehow. 

really you can use any airsoft gun (with modification of course) hears an example of a steampunk G36

Oh, now that is lovely. All guns should have hood ornaments.

it is beautiful isn't it. hears another. someone based it off one of the guns from league of extraordinary gentlemen.



Flag concept, the symbols will be mounted onto a canvas type material that's why the background is tan.

First uniform input. im going to base the uniforms off of the German uniforms between ww1 and ww2 (i think ww2 German uniforms still fit in with the Victorian look, and they are easier to get a hold of than ww1 uniforms)

hears a ww2 German air defense helmet, i like the way it looks its kind of a cross between the ww1 Pickelhaube and the ww2 M40 helmets.  


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