The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Imagine a daughter of a poor clockmaker.  She longingly look to the wealthy ladies who come into her father's shop.  Alas, she can't afford any of their baubbles.  Her father sees the sadness in her eyes and gives her some scrap gears, and metal.  He lovingly shows her how to solder and she begins to create her own pieces.  This is her creation, her heart and the need to look beautiful with what she is given.

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Your work is beautiful, although your pendants seem to lack chains made with the care of the pieces they carry. I would be more than happy to create matching chains to complement the pendants, should you find yourself so inclined.
Thank you Cpt Theo! I looked at your site and your chains are wonderful. But alas...I will have to keep you in mind once my pieces start selling.


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