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Goggle kits from Borg Steam Factory for REAL brass goggles!

very soon to be released will be goggle kits from Borg Steam Factory.


to see details and photos about it you can go to:


and when available they will appear at the top of this page:


Wish to contact us about obtaining them?


what will this mean to you? That will depend on what sort of interest you have.


 To the end user: or consumer this will mean that obtaining a pair will become much easier and more timely as well as creating a multitude of customizations available for your eye wear.

additionally this may mean a savings too on your purchase as you will be able to buy from some one much closer to you geographically, and economically.


 To the tinker: you will be able to get an unfinished set of parts that you can either build up traditionally or to customize to your wishes OR you could just use parts on a creation of your own. *using rims for lens holders on a leather mask say of the plague doctor variety is one example.


 To the sales man: many options become apparent here. you could build and sell goggles in your area and on the internet. make modifications to make your goggles unique to your self for sale. save the locals on shipping. make money repairing or customizing other peoples goggles that are built on our kits.  sell kits locally *though to do this you should be prepared to support your buyers through their build process and answer questions to facilitate this. we will have a catalog of videos and tutorials that we will add to on a regular basis to help assist you in this and of course if they have a question you do not have an answer we would be willing to assist you on this.*


as you can see the idea is to make the style of goggles we produce more readily available and make it possible to repair tinker and design more. so one could think of these as an erector set of the goggle variety.


materials that will be readily available are:

brass and stainless screws and nuts.

brass copper and aluminum body parts.

stainless steel hard ware for contact with the flesh to avoid nasty stains and rashes.

leather of a variety of color and type.

adhesive silicone to make the strongest of bonds between leather and metal while provide the extra comfort of cushioning. color available at this point is black though a clear and a brown may be available soon and we would provide places and names of our suppliers so they can be gotten locally.

tools of the trade to those needing them.

(just as an example: in Europe the hole punches we use are over $75 what with shipping and taxes from locals there. we obtain them for $25 here and could ship with a batch of kits to save on costs.)


some materials available on special request.

gold, silver and titanium, for the body and bridges of the goggles.


also note we are working on obtaining metric equivalents of the hard ware we use for our kits. but for now we will provide as many extra screws and nuts, for the cost we pay for them, to avoid any chance that you or your customers will not be with out or need to have them imported at some extravagant cost.


one last note is that we will be making individual parts available as well.


Sincerely, and most appreciatively,

The Architect.

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Very nice work.  I like the design work and the metal work.  A standard to aspire towards!



thank you much. I just woke up with an idea. *yes my dreams are mostly of this sort.* I will post pictures of the design modifications shortly.

My dear Architect, you obviously are a true creative genius.  I may just have to buy one of your kits.  Very fun photos on your site and good to see the "in process" photos.  Excelsior!


I am utterly enthralled with thier classic mechanosity!

I definitely am going to get a set!

My word I want one!!!
thanks all. kits are coming along on schedule so hopefully they will be available after the 1rst of the month.

getting really close to the first kits to be shipped being ready. had to do a tiny bit of revision on the wind shield templates but I finally have a good base for all the sizes and these should easily work for both the 1.5 and 1.75 of the MK line. possibly go as high as even the 2.0s with just a tiny addition to the outer ends.

photo of parts going out with the first order of kits.


gentle man asked that the edges be made to allow him to add leather trim/cushioning to the out rims like the MK1.5's seen on my site here:

Borg Steam Factory MK1.5 goggles

working out details on the sizing of the lenses, after doing so for the MK1.75 I have found that the new tools and techniques for making their rims do indeed assure that all rims will fit the same lens. this is something I have never had, the rims made from the same templates were very close but I still had to keep a record of each goggle for the lens sizes and that meant right and left,

additionally all MK line goggles I previously released with the three part fronts *ie nose bridge and each rim are a separate part bolted together with 6 screws 3 on each side of the nose bridge* will fit the new rims and vice verse, so if anyone that has a pair of goggles wanted to change their lens size it would be possible, in most cases. Still not sure about the MK2.0 size rims. they may be stretching it a bit. but the MK1.4's, MK1.5's, MK1.6's, and MK1.75's all have the same hole placement for the screws that hold the nose bridge to the rims. also this means that if you need replacement lenses and have one of these older pairs of goggles I will be sending out the closest thing to what you have, along with a free set of rims made from the same metal yours were made from.

whew sorry for the long update or the long wait in between updates.

I will update here who to go to in your part of the world as well, as I get that information.

With baited breath, Sir! With baited breath!


ok first kits have been shipped. waiting till the recipient gets the package to work out all the details on instructions they find they need, before shipping anymore but I expect in a week and a half to be ready to start production on kits to stock up, I will then have a page on my site that will be updated daily as to what kits are in stock, still no direct to buy on it so you will still have to do business the old fashioned way (at least for doing business on the internet) by contacting me with your needs and me getting back to you to confirm I do indeed still have the parts in stock and prices and such as well as other conversation that is necessary to ensure a smooth transaction for you.


also note that I will be posting a listing for a completed pair of goggles at a discount as they will be use to document the process of the build. thus every one wins :D


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