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I know there's about a million sources of cheap goggles for the making over, but what about lenses? If I want specific colored lenses, is it possible to tint them myself while still leaving them see-through enough to make the goggles practical? If not (as I suspect color must be introduced during the manufacturing process), does anyone have a good source of oddly-colored lenses? I can't seem to find a decent shade of purple anywhere.

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They're circular 50mm lenses, but all the replacements I've found were either actual welding lenses (massive overkill, and poor visibility) or colour filter-type with no UV protection (useless as sunglasses).

Fantastic, thank you so much!

No problem. Your best bet is to look under Rave stuff, you get more of a selection at a better price.

Try looking for the stuff they wrap the easter baskets in?  You should be able to find that and then modge podge it onto your clear lenses.....Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joanns I would think.

Transparent paints…

Spray paint is available from Testors and Tamia. They are for automobile models. There is smoke (window tint), blue, red and amber.

Brush on paints….

There are several brands of paint to simulate stained glass. See what is at your favorite craft store. Sometimes dollar stores have stained glass project kits that include paints.

Good luck and keep bashing those things together.


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