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First off, this is not about pocket watches!

Some of you know I collect pocket watches, and I have mentioned this before, but surprisingly this isn't about that.

I've been shamefully thinking about switching to a wrist watch for my day to day use, I don't want to keep anything like my keys or my phone in my pocket if my watch is there and sometimes when I sit down it falls out and gets banged around a bit. I really love them too much to let anything happen to them.

So in your many experiences where is a good place to get a normal, reliable watch? I don't think I trust jewelers since I already know the mark up on their jewels and I imagine it is similar with watches, but online is kind of sketchy. I think if I ordered a $10 watch from China it wouldn't last very long, no matter how nice it looks.

So let me hear your experiences please, it's really something I know nothing about.

I was generally thinking of a skeleton design so I could still see it working it's magic, if that helps in any way. But I haven't picked anything specific yet.

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The Chinese produce a some passable skeletonized quartz watches, which are available on eBay for about $100 for daily wear.  Otherwise there are few American makers that are inexpensive enough to wear every day such as Bulova Accutron Spaceview has gotten expensive, but there are knockoff around.

If you primarily want to stay below $50 or so, then I know a place that could help. Take a look here at DraculaClothing's wrist watches:

Most of them are mechanical and very steampunk-looking, and not to mention they are affordable. I bought one for my father and he loved it. Maybe you'll find something you like as well. :)


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