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  I apologize if this has been addressed in the past, but as I am new I would not be aware of it and I did not find anything on the forum search.


  Although I can't put the definition in words just yet, I know what steampunk fashion is in my mind.  The problem is, what do I do with all this hair?? 


  Are there any ladies (or gents) out there who have simple yet fashionable ideas for hair styles that mesh well with steampunk fashion and/or lifestyles?  Thank you very much for your input!



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Large, luxurious curls are always dashing and adventurous, whether pinned up or left down. If, however, you are a female with short hair like me, you can go one of two ways: intense little curls, or straightened and spiked. Woman's hair is not restricted to these suggestions by any means, but that presents a good jumping-off point.

Gentlemen usually stick to slicked back or spiked, though curls and natural wave are often seen as well.

(As a side-note, hair will wrestle and fight with many wonderful steampunk head-accessories, so pinning and gelling around them can be quite the adventure-- and produce amazing end results.)
I go for the 1920's finger wave when I go out, but a simple ponytail held back with ribbon works well for me. I am growing my hair out
What convenient timing; I was just looking this up the other week!
The great thing about steampunk is that with hair, you can go absolutely wild. Dreadlocks, spikes, massive hairpieces.. you name it! And even if you're looking for something simple, there are infinite numbers of options out there for you.
Curls were popular in the Victorian era, so they are always wonderful (finally, a use for my curly, frizzy hair!). Pulling curly hair back into a simple bun (like so: can look very elegant, but my personal favourite is this (, which is how I am often wearing my hair these days.
What about those of us with short hair? Everyone says you MUST wear a hat, but hats don't fit me and my short hair very well :(
I don't think a hat is necessary by any means, myself!
I have been wondering this myself..I'm pretty new to it all. I have short hair (not by choice, i runied it, lol) that is curly with short bangs...Someone above posted that short hair with tight curls works, so now I am comforted. I've seen pretty much anything tho...maybe you can look up victorian or edwardian hair style for inspiration?
I have shorter hair, that is curly, and I solve the problem of getting the Victorian "look" for the fancy dress nights by wearing a snood, like one of these: Because my hair is stuffed into one, it looks like its way longer than it actually is. I wear them alone, or with hats, feather facinators, whatever matches the rest of my outfit. For the non-dressy days, I either wear my hair normally, wear a hat, wear a bandanna, yarn falls... whatever suits my fancy and again, looks good with my outfit! Just have fun with it, and beware of moving!
I've often wondered this myself, as I have long, incredibly thick, only slightly wavy hair that is so heavy it refuses to hold curls even when professionally styled. Mostly, I've just left it down instead of fighting with it, though I have done variations on buns (one in the back, or two on each side). I think I'll be trying something with braids next, since braids are something I can do.
These are great ideas, thanks everyone! I also have long, heavy, slightly wavy hair that won’t hold a curl! I was thinking about different braid styles as well, so let us know if you come up with anything ingenious! The snood is a good idea as well, they do look very classy with hats.

Same here.  It seems a shame not to do something spectacular with all that hair, but I find that most instructions for hairstyles are written or altered for the modern woman with shorter hair.  It is frustrating to look at websites' "long hair" sections and see models with hair just past the shoulders when mine is practically long enough to sit on and simply cannot be worked with in the same way (I tried a French Twist once - it wound up as a rope of hair from the nape of my neck to my forehead and back.  Interesting, but not quite the sleek style I was going for.)  Not to mention the time involved in styling it, which can be prohibitive on convention mornings.  I have tried Gibson Girl updos occasionally, but somehow "thick" doesn't translate to "voluminous" and I don't dare do much backcombing for fear I'd never be able to brush it back out.

I rather like this lady's hair tutorials.  My hair isn't nearly as long as hers, but most of her styles have worked for me. 

I have very thick straight hair and it helps if I make several braids(if I'm going to bed) or all over pin curls(if I'm going out) when its wet.  After it dries, there's plenty of volume for a Gibson Girl updo.

Unfortunately, the intimelyfashion site is down now.  It did have wonderful instructions for period hairstyles.  I've contacted the owner of that site and am waiting to hear is the information is posted elsewhere. 


That was awesome!


I am in the process of growing my hair out because...well...with all this "period" dressing up I want long hair.


My only complaint is every tutorial the women have straight hair whereas I have ringlet hair. I just pin my hair up normally (every day sometimes up to 8 bobbypins ot hold my hair in place) and will probably continue that going forward.


I often times think with the advent of good "curly hair" products in the last 5 years or so...having this hair in 1800's or anytime would have sucked. Hair care products for the curly girl have only gotten good recently. Before we would just straighten or gel the hair to calm the frizz.


All and all the tutorials on youtube always amaze and interest me.


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