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Coming from California, I have had the good fortune of having a plethora of steam related culture at my disposal, but looking on the web I am finding nothing in Montana.. nothing. I am worried that I will be sitting and tinkering away all by my lonesome, perhaps good for innovative invention, but lousy for my social interaction. I did find a site which listed ghost towns and some interesting saloons and whatnot to get me through on the drive up but I am lost. Anything to recommend in that beautiful, treacherous, lovely part of the world?

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As someone residing in the northern part of Idaho, I can offer sympathy (but unfortunately little in the way of constructive suggestions.) If you want steam punk interaction you may have to do what I do, and travel for it.


If you find anything good, let me know!

I found this link  It is a really new website and I am having troubles finding where they are based out of.  I am new to Steampunk, just from Montana and willing to help with a move.  What area are you moving to?  I have friends all over Montana so I can certainly ask them as well.  I am located in Billings, which is about as Metropolitan as Montana gets (not saying much).  There are a lot of interesting things to do and see all over Montana depending on all your various interests.  I know some of my friends are into Steampunk, so I will ask them as well.  Either way, it's good to network and I love to meet mew people in the area.  Let me know what you need!

this web site was first crafted in Montana by a member of The Steampunk Empire, She now resides in Bismark ND, but the foundation it self is an international one as the people who over see it are located all over the country and even in Great Brittan. You may join them here by looking for the group of the same name. You will find contact info there.

Montana is big, really, really big. You may think it is a long way down to the chemists on the corner, but that’s peanuts to Montana! Where in Montana are you headed?

I am in Browning.. way way up North almost to Alberta. pretty amaxing here actually. Went to see Cowboys and Aliens.. would never have understood the size of the sky like I do now. BTW.. Coming from Southern California.. I had never imagined the milky way could look like it does up here.. wow
It's been several years since I was there, but Missoula had some antique and thrift stores that would make any "maker" happy. The people there were really nice, too.
I went down to Missoula.. yes the thrift stores were lovely.. though I found this place has put me in exploration mode.. spending all my time outdoors.
I understand. We spent one whole summer camped out in the woods about 6 miles from Condon.

Ahhhh, I could ramble on for ages about beautiful Montana!  My husband grew up happily roaming the woods there.  We lived near Helena for nearly 20 years before our airship went astray and landed us in the far east....well, east of the Mississippi but for us westerners it might as well be the Orient for the culture shock. 

We've explored nearly every nook and cranny of that great state and would be glad to talk your ear off ahem, share our wisdom.  I suggest starting at the historical society and/or library in your town and asking about local Contra dance groups.  They're the most likely group in which to find a kindred spirit....and the dancing is a lot of fun. 

Steampunk "events" will be virtually nonexistent, unless you start one.  Most MT folks love history & fun, and Steampunk has enough of both to satisfy.  Meeting up with other Steampunks will be a little more logistically challenging.  You shall soon learn that distance is relative.  We used to drive an hour away from home to go to the hot springs, or watch a drive in movie...which doesn't start until after 10pm when it finally gets dark.  I'm still not used to people telling me how many miles I'll drive to get to a destination here in Neverland.  In MT, distances are related in hours not miles.  The city folk here were aghast that we were willing to drive 20 miles one way to take my daughter to dance class.  We thought it was a bargain since we used to drive 30 miles one way in MT. 

Oh dear, I've digressed apologies.  If you'd kindly relay your MT destination I can give you more helpful information. 

I have been traversing the Northern most of MT at current, but I did make a trek down to Missoula, also went to Kalispell and checked out Glacier Park. I am currently in Browning, been working in a teepee coffeehouse

Oh, so much to do!  Enjoy the good weather and play outdoors as much as possible!  The hiking around Glacier is fantastic.  Well, the hiking, fishing, canoeing, and wildlife viewing anywhere around your area is fantastic, really.  There are some great antique and thrift stores around Kalispell. 

There's also a fantastic little cabin where we used to spend nearly every Christmas near Eureka.  It was at the end of the road with a creek and a fantastic view of the mountains in front.  There were animals at the water every morning and evening.  If I can find the info I'll pass it along.  Otherwise, search Montana cabin rentals online to find some charming little places.

When the weather grows cold its time for high school basketball!  Browning is one of the most fun teams in the region to watch.  Those guys are all over the floor.  Almost like the Harlem Globetrotters!  And small town folks are very serious about their high school sports.

Yellowstone is a must see.  Its best to go in late September or late April and plan on a minimum 3 day trip if you want to really see it.  It takes quite some time to walk all the major trails.  We usually either camped in the park or stayed in West Yellowstone, but you could stay in Gardiner or Mammoth too.  If you go in April, you'll get to see all the newborn wild life babies.  And if you can swing it, a snowmobile trip is awesome!  We went every January for our wedding anniversary.  Seeing the Lower Falls in winter is breathtaking.  Unfortunately, you now have to go with a tour guide but its still a lot of fun.  

It certainly sounds like you're on the right track.  Exploration is the key to getting to know MT.  We spent years driving the back roads and meeting all kinds of people around the state.  Its truly a place of wonder.  Enjoy!!


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