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I just have a quick question about something I want to make.  I want to make a helmet out of metal (which i have plenty of) but the tricky part will be making it work, would any of you be able to give me some ideas?  I recently saw the game Rise of Nightmare and I absolutely LOVE the helmet that Ernst (yes thats how the name is spelled)  wears, its very cool and I would like to make one.  Its basically a helmet that completely covers the head but the front of it opens on the top and bottom and I need ideas about how I can make it do that! It doesnt have to be exactly like the picture and I know its not going to be but the closest I can get the better!


here are some pictures of it!

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That looks . . . not . . . comfortable . . . .
yes but i plan on making it comfortable
i already know what im going to do for making the helmet part, what i need help with is the front, where i opens and closes, ive already been told that ikea hinges would work but they would only open it, i need a way of closing it too, im also going to make small holes on all the panels i can see through, or put a tinted decal on the front that is actually a viewing area

I understand your interest in mechanizing your helmet I have some ideas of my own on a helmet, what will be required to open and close your helmet is not special hinges but servos like those used on the iron man helmet made by a guy on Youtube, just look it up. Because you want it to do both it will require cables running up your neck from the drive boxes which should be located on your back in a form fitting back harness of some form. The cables do not have to be anything special if I am thinking correctly just some heavy duty picture wire cable run through fairly stiff plastic tubing like that used for high pressure air lines.  All the adjustments will be the hard part after you find servos that can move the weight of the individual parts, Oh and keep in mind if you make it from metal it WILL get heavier and it will gain heat in the sun. So like the Nicholas said go with fiberglass it will be lighter and easier to repair should you have to make adjustments to your drive cable mounts. Another thing if you wish to hide the mechanism that opens and closes the mask you will have to use rods to push instead of cables that pull, this become even more tricky,

That is the best info I can give you sir, I do hope it helps, and good luck with your project.  

wow thats a pretty good idea! thanks! i know jus where i can get all the items for that too! :D

Well, then, problem solved! 


Seriously, it is a cool look, but I can't even wear high-neck shirts, let alone something that would cover my nose and mouth.  I think it will look amazing in real life!

its possible! haha you just need to make small slits near your mouth and nose, afew small ones would be good if you make them look cool, as for comfort all you would need to do is line the inside with a soft fabric :3

i assume you have experience in metalwork? what i've been doing for my steampunk gauntlet is to make the whole thing out of cardboard. so that you have all the shapes for the plates. you seriously don't want to make mistakes...

(once i get some pictures i will start a thread for my gauntlet)

im most likely using plastic then painting it to look like metal
As in Ernst Lehmann? He crashed the Hindenburg. Is that a reference?
no idea lol its a character from the game Rise of Nightmares


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