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Greetings to my fellow steampunksters!  I am still new to the SP culture and I've been thinking about asking this question for quite a while now to anyone that will respond.  How was it for you in the beginning to incorporate SP into your life?  Is it proper to attend the SP Symposium sans costume and storyline?  If you don't, will you be shamed for all to see?  I have no wardrobe as of yet and I've just begun to delve into steampunk literature; I've read some SP anthologies of short stories and am currently reading Boneshaker which is pretty good so far.  I welcome your insights, stories, and suggestions.   

Thank you all and be blessed.  

M. Anis Optera - Naturalist & Environmental Scientist 

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I put 100 year old photos of people I don't know on my walls, I have a 30's phone lamp, I use old wallpaper for my computer wallpaper, I have a steampunk clock on my wall... More to come!

Thanks for responding Captain Jack!  I look forward to whatever else you will offer to the discussion!

I started out on accident. When I came to America I got lumped into the "goth" and "punk" scenes for many reasons (taste in music, clothing attire, being a bit morbid in my outlook because of my origins), from there though, I began incorporating things from my reenactments and performances into my daily wear because I loved them so much, and then, before I knew it, I was dressing less in bondage pants and more like someone from the Victorian era all the time. I just assumed I was still "goth" because I had no word in my English vocabulary to describe what I was doing, and I definitely didn't even know it had a proper name until a few years ago, then someone asked me "Oh, are you a Steampunker?"

I had no idea what they meant, so I asked, and they explained it the best they could. So I looked into it, and lo and behold, I was. 

I'm not going to the Symposium this time around because I found out about it too late, so I'm not 100% certain what they've got planned or what they expect of the patrons of it, but my assumption is that it's like any event of the like; it's great if you can dress up and have a backstory, and it can make it very fun for you, but it's not at all necessary. Go, visit, see all the great costumes everyone else has, ask people about their own stories and see it as a whole so you can get a good vibe from it.

Sometimes stuff like this (having a costume and persona to go along with it) can take quite a hit on the pocketbook, so it's always nice to not rush into anything. I'm sure there's lots of people going to be there who can point you in the direction of good resources as well so that when you're able to pursue it further, you've got a good foothold. 

I hope that helps a bit.

Shahbanoo, thanks so much for the insight.  It's interesting that you used to do reenactments.  You must have some amazing costumes!  Like you, I was drawn to the styles of the Victorian era along with the cultural norms.  I first noticed it in my rubber stamping; I liked the stamps with the "Victorian look."  Thanks so much for the encouragement and the advice.  If you have more, please share!

I got into Steampunk from a Victorian Goth begining too. I am new to it all but have visited other conventions. Costumes are fun but optional. Going gave me great ideas( and a little too many projects to work on). At first, I thought I would be lost at a convention, but it didn't take long to complete enjoy myself. Meeting like minded people from across the globe was wonderful. Noone seemed to mind that I was not dressed up yet everyone was more than eager to show me their costumes and answer questions (like how they got started and costruction hints).

I regret that I will miss the symposium too but can't wait to go to my first Steampunk convention. I encourage anyone who can go to do it. Just post pictures of all the fun for those of us stuck at work!

It's funny to me to see over the years just how many steampunks started out as goth. Speaking of, is anyone in California going to the Bat's Day at Disneyland? It's two of my favorite things rolled into one:

Dressing up and Disneyland. 

now if only they could add Persian food in there it'd be the greatest gathering in my life.

Sounds like fun!!

What about Glitter Goths? You know, they love the music and dressing as such, but they're peppy and pleasant? ;)

Buahahaaa. Jelly-filled with a sprinkle topping. How utterly scrumptious.

Its wasn't for Glitter Goths, The entire Glitter industry would cease to exist

Oh now that's not true, what about the strippers?

Historical Nazis -- Sounds you ran into the SCA or some other such group.  So did I; that is why I came to SP a year ago.  I have been having fun ever since.



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