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Greetings to my fellow steampunksters!  I am still new to the SP culture and I've been thinking about asking this question for quite a while now to anyone that will respond.  How was it for you in the beginning to incorporate SP into your life?  Is it proper to attend the SP Symposium sans costume and storyline?  If you don't, will you be shamed for all to see?  I have no wardrobe as of yet and I've just begun to delve into steampunk literature; I've read some SP anthologies of short stories and am currently reading Boneshaker which is pretty good so far.  I welcome your insights, stories, and suggestions.   

Thank you all and be blessed.  

M. Anis Optera - Naturalist & Environmental Scientist 

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Its wasn't for Glitter Goths, The entire Glitter industry would cease to exist

Pffft! I am doing my part for alternative glitter lifestyles!  I use glitter every day and I'm definitely NOT a glitter goth.

Perhaps the question is more about how we live our day to day lives Steampunk.

Wear a geeky tee-shirt and talk to people. A costume and a character are not a requirement for enjoying yourself -- truthfully, the more showman-like members of our group love to find an appreciative audience so all the "Look-At-Me!!'s" don't collide and collapse into a critical mass.

I had a beginning as a Steampunk, but it is lost in the mists of time. It was only a few years back that I discovered I was on the cutting edge of a subculture, whereas I had long believed that I was just a fusty, tweedish and old-fashioned fan of alternative history stories.

And for the record, I do not believe I have ever been "humble." A humbug, yes, but never humble.

I agree with Dr. Fidelius. I myself are new to Streampunk,and Have yet to attend a convention. I have been using the time to build a gun,and work on a outfit by the resources offered to me locally

Yet it does sound fun :)


Zack, I think this would depend on the individual mailman. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I started very simply with costumes. I LOVE costumes, of all kinds. The clothing of the era is AMAZING. I also like the idea of mixing and matching with Goth, Punk and Edwardian styles. I have yet to be able to incorpate it into my everyday life as I have an office job that has a rather strict dress code, but I do wear my jewelry whenever I can.

I will be attending the Symposium. I have costumes but no persona and I have never been to any type of event like this. I am looking forward to meeting the more advanced members of the Empire and learning from them. Everyone I have encountered on here has been really helpful and fun.

Come to the Symposium. Go the the panels, watch the games, meet people, have a great time. I'm pretty sure that is what this even is all about, having fun and meeting new people. If you learn something or get inspired along the way, that is even better.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you at an upcoming event, in whatever clothing or persona you choose.

what is Steam on Queen (location date?)  Haven't heard of that one, and I thought I knew everything (truly just kidding.)

I welcome this conversation.

Simple Steampunk Attire was somewhat easy for me --- I picked up a few pieces here and there, and realized that I had many things already that worked for how I wanted to look. But I do not have a storyline or character and I am not sure about that. I'll be attending my second con in May, and worry that I should BE someone by then ... and yet, it also feels like it should be a natural evolutional process ... which so far it has not been.

So I have no advice for you, but thought at least you'd want to know that you aren't the only one with a few wondering, wandering thoughts.

I can say that at the first steampunk con I attended, there were quite a few "tourists" --- people who attended in their everyday clothes (as far as I could tell), to see who was there, and get familiar with the whole genre. Nobody shamed them, they were welcomed along with the folks that had a few pieces of clothing towards a full costume, and the amazing people who had put much time and effort into their entire look (and I would guess, into their history and personality.)

Although I did not meet a lot of people, I felt that those I met were very inclusive. Nothing like having a talk with someone about how to properly lace a corset, etc. to really get to know them quickly.

I got into Steampunk primarily through my love of history and I will incorporate my outfits when I start teaching different time periods in history.  I only add the Steampunk bits when I go out to pubs. 

The general consensus is the best encouragement that you can get.  Everyone here has said, ‘just go and have fun’ and I think that those who have said that ARE the steampunk community.  It is new to many and old to others but remarkably supportive.  I have done a lot of conventions in a lot of different outfits.  At Dragon Con I have had as good a time in my full Mandalorian costume as my street clothes.   If you want to borrow someone’s costume you may be able to test it out if you want to.  (I have 3 personas Gentleman, Pilot, and Inventor)

No one will ridicule you for wearing ‘street clothes’. 

If they do then tell me about it and I will play “Victorian Vigilante” to protect your honor. 

I have never heard of these evil doers, the SCA. How does one earn the right to make their acquaintance?

I have encountered the SCA Nazis on more than one occasion.  I wanted to do some blacksmithing and armoring for them at one point.  When I started to encounter one ‘That wasn’t historically accurate’ right after the other I said enough.  I had a similar problem with some of the Star Wars and Star Trek genera (except “screen accurate” was their term). 

I am unaffiliated and like to keep it that way.  The steampunk stuff is a lot more inclusive because no one (that I have encountered) gets too uptight as to whether it is 1880s or 1890s.  For Peet’s sake, we have ray guns!  Keep it fun!


I think the tragedy is that SCA stands for the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Most of the groups I have encountered have forgotten about the “Creative” part and the “Anachronism” part altogether. 


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