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Greetings to my fellow steampunksters!  I am still new to the SP culture and I've been thinking about asking this question for quite a while now to anyone that will respond.  How was it for you in the beginning to incorporate SP into your life?  Is it proper to attend the SP Symposium sans costume and storyline?  If you don't, will you be shamed for all to see?  I have no wardrobe as of yet and I've just begun to delve into steampunk literature; I've read some SP anthologies of short stories and am currently reading Boneshaker which is pretty good so far.  I welcome your insights, stories, and suggestions.   

Thank you all and be blessed.  

M. Anis Optera - Naturalist & Environmental Scientist 

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sacrifice by star that will be a whale of a time :-)


I love how this reverted back to fish puns :D

I thought everyone got that out of their system already in another forum discussion?

they just wanted to start somethng for the halibut....

oh god no! now i'm doing it! 

I firmly believe the majority of people drawn into the universe of Steampunk have always been "Steampunk", they just didn't realize it.  I've always been a Sci-fi fan and enamored with the Victorian aesthetic. (My first SP outfit came right out of my closet and jewelry box.)  I love history, music, literature, and DIY.  All these things just knitted together neatly under the Steampunk moniker. 

Furthermore, everyone has a beginning when exploring a new arena.  Some will apologize for being a "noob".  I don't think it's necessary at all.  While I believe myself to be firmly established here, there are others who know far more than I about every subject relating to Steampunk.  I choose not to be intimidated or embarrassed about it.  I think it's quite fascinating to listen and learn something new. 

Everyone has their own preference and each is valid.  While I don't care for most "alternative" music, I can certainly appreciate it.  I prefer to make my most of my own outfits, but don't think less of those who purchase their garb or gadgets. I was fortunate to grow up with close grandparents who lived through the Depression and taught me how to sew, cook, garden, and put things together from nothing.  

As to how to incorporate SP into daily life?  I think it comes naturally according to your preferences.  I tend to gravitate toward antique furniture, mirrors, wrought iron, copper, and brass accessories, clocks, old photos, real paintings, classic tailored clothing, and often as I can work one into my outfit.  I like classic fiction, modern young adult fiction, and biographies (I'm addicted to bios...especially about English monarchs), classical music, pop, folk music, and most genres of movies.  I'm also a die hard Doctor Who fanatic, Star Wars junkie, Disneyite, and Trekkie.     

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, don't sweat the small stuff.  You're here because you were drawn to it somehow.  Relax and enjoy the ride!  I hope you had a good time at the Symposium. 


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