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It sucks because all the imagery there. Their website is beautiful and all and I guess they get invited to all the SP cons, but I imagine it's because they visually fit the mold. I feel like there are other bands out there who don't even claim to be SP who in my opinion bring more whimsy and imagination to their music than AP. I think it's a shame that so much imagery is wasted on Abney Park. I know I'm gonna get a lot of s*** over this from AP fans and I'm prepared. As a musician I like to push things forward, but what I'm hearing from AP is rehash of what groups like Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus and Clan of Xymox had already done. I'd still like to thank Abney Park for putting the scene out there, but your music sucks. This is just my opinion.


below is a link to my music it's not steampunk, but just letting you know I'm no sucker

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I am a huge AP fan, I say to each their own... Like what you like & don't let anyone give you s*** for it. That is part of what makes us unique.
I really enjoy listening to Abney Parks CD's.. they're well put together and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy hearing them live at the World Steam Expo. I know it wasn't the venue, because The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and Tartanic sounded awesome in the same show. I'm not going to stop listening to the cd's, but I may think twice about seeing them live again.
The one thing about steampunk is that it is no music subculture though there are few who attempt the old muso and Abney Park being in the lead. I like AP for their punk appearence especially. I created a picture for them a year ago or so which was interesting as I designed a new look for them based on their character traits within the band. I find their music playful with the concepts of the steampunk aesthetic and I would deffinately watch them live. Hearing and seeing AP on the old youtube, to me I get a folk and gypsy essence in their steampunkery. I would acknowledge them as very good performers and extraordinary musicians, better when experienced live as I anticipate when I do get to see them.

I have seen Ghostfire live but I did not think much of their music as too much was going on in their sound. Unfortunately the acoustics of the hall they were playing in was not adequate for their sound system so I would think they would sound better elsewhere. Like AP or any other wouldbe steampunk band for that matter, have a very good look as Ghostfire border on the goth (steamgoth) side.
I have spoken with many a goth and alternative individual and those whose hey day was of the 80's and the 90's who querie what music steampunk is, on the presumption it is a music based subculture. I tell them how steampunk trully is as its more of a fashion, object d'art, movie and literature culture. Telling them that there are bands such as Abney Park but who seem to combine archaic instrumentation with the usual electric guitar elements that most rock and other contemporary bands have anyway. There is No real sound genre found for steampunk that previous punk, folk and rock bands have not covered already. Compared to my more favourite bands and musicians in these other categories, such steampunk bands do come across as pretentious in sound and lyric in my opinion. Or am I simply a rocker in denial? But still I look forward to seeing any new musical pretenses in the steampunk world. Not long ago I went to see a steampunk version of the Pirates of Penzance which was a crackin operatic show :o)

My wife and I came away with the opposite impression. :)  We both thought it was one of the best live shows we'd seen in a long time.  See you in May at WSE 2!

I don't like AP either, I just think they are abit over hyped and everyone I meet is like OMFG AP IS STEAMPUNK and I just don't get it, their lyrics can be cool but thats about where it stops to me. I saw them live last year and it cemented it for me that they just aren't a band I dig and thats okay, I like that people can like them and be into steampunk so I don't hate on em or anything they just aren't my thing.
I'll say one thing about AP, they were more impressive to me as a live performance band than what I heard on their demo tracks online, they have a very good live stage show. There are other steampunk bands, but AP is one of the better ones i've seen live. I'll take it over the gloomy gothic crap I often hear played by DJs or the acapella pirate sea shanty crap I hear at many of these cons.

I LUV Gloomy Gothic Crap!   I hear their second cd "Even more Gloom-ish Gothic Crap" is coming out soon.....

The reviewers have spoken already:

"Even more depressing than the latest Cure/Dead Can Dance tribute mash-up band"

"Make sure you are well sedated and on suicide watch before listening to the latest "Crap" album"


 ; )

Squee! Another Gloomy Gothic Crap fan!


When we're at the same con, we'll have to demand all the bands play "Pulse? What Pulse?" for us.


Do you have the side-project 45rpm vinyl of "Necropia Moth"? "Flipover Casket Rollers" was on the reverse.

NO, thanks for telling me about that.

My favorite song is "Just Another Angst-filled Dark 'n Broody Day in My Mom's Basement" usually just referred to as "Dark 'n Broody Day"


And may I point out that the above quoted snippets are the rave reviews from the critics who liked the new album.

Don't forget "What do you Mean I Need to Get a Job? I HATE Daylight!"
yes I love that line. I think the song in which it is heard is called "Moonbathe for a Paler Pallor" although in that cut the ethereal music is quite mesmerizing,but the lyrics are so whine-y and nasal it is hard to understand them in some places.
but that driving bass through the chorus almost rivals that of Bauhaus's Bella Lugosi's Dead... "Undead, Undead, Undead"

then there's another favorite "Boozed-up Blood Doll"

that would be on the Goth Rave album


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