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I don't know if this is the correct place for this or not, but I just wanted to have a frank and open discussion on the concept of beauty. On my television last night, there was an editorial about a young Victoria Secret model, Karlie Kloss. As one who appreciates female beauty, I paid rather close attention to the piece only to be rather upset by it.


They were calling the young lady in question "the body". She was very tall and very leggy but had very little muscle or meat on her. When she walked the runway, you could see her hipbones and the indentation between hip and pelvis. When she posed, you could see her sertnum. I wanted to take her home if only to feed her. Yet this girl is what is now considered beautiful. This girl is what little girls all over the world are going to try and look like.


And it made me wonder: What ever happened to the Bombshell? What ever happened to the Bettie Pages and the Marilyn Monroes? Both women were sex icons. Both would probably be considered "plus sized" or even "overweight" by modern beauty standards. I wonder, what has happened in the world that has made these beautiful big women a thing of the past and these skinny little girls into the "Body"? Can anyone tell me?


Or are there those of us here who still enjoy such robust feminine wiles?

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I think that the problem with the super thin look on women and men is mainly in our mental perception we have as we age. When we are young it is far easier to be convinced by peer pressure that beauty is in appearance only and not in a persons whole  being, as I grew older I have found that true beauty can be in everyone no matter their appearance only. I have been married for 37 years and my wife is as beautiful now as when we wed. We are closer now then ever before and plan never to change that.  

Here!  Here!

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  That is why everyone can find love irregardless of their outward appearance.  What I might refer to as a "bone bag" or "stick figure" does appeal to some; it is the variety which ultimately makes the world go round.

Because for catwalk people, if you're sticky thin it's much easier to get the dresses on them. 

I for one would love to see the curvy ladies much like the ones depicted in a Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian paintings showing mythological scenes. Now those women were gorgeous. 

And to answer your: "Are there those of us who still enjoy such robust feminine wiles?" the answer is yes, look at Nigella Lawson and her fandom. Mmm- Nigella~

One of my favorite artists from the late 19th century is William-Adolphe Bouguereau. He was well-known for his many allegorical and mythological paintings.

Now, if he had only painted ladies shooting rayguns at dinosaurs...

I don't know if this is off-topic, but just last night I was looking through a steampunk art book my husband picked up at the library, and I noticed that a high percentage (maybe about half) of the female models in the fashion section were plus-sized, and they looked fantastic!  I don't know why, but there is just something about the style that looks really great on a fuller figure.  Maybe I should applaud the book's editors for eschewing those high-fashion ideals of feminine beauty in favor of images that were more authentic.

As for my own thoughts on body image, I was born with a birth defect that left my face malformed.  I have had several surgeries from ages 3 months to 17 years to repair the defects, and I think they are less noticable now.  Nonetheless when I was younger I got stared at, questioned and made fun of by other children because my face looked different.  For years my mother reassured me over and over again that the way a person looks isn't as important as what is inside.  Frankly, that's pretty cold comfort for an 8-year-old who gets ostracised on a daily basis at school.  Even now I know professionals are judged every day by their appearance, and the pressure exerted by the media on woman regarding ideal beauty is not lost on me. 

What I've gained, however, is a pretty cynical attitude about what is beautiful, along with the knowlege that my body is mine, and for better or worse, I'm stuck with it.  I've invested my youth in learning about myself and learning to love myself for all the best reasons: because I'm totally effing awsome.  I've learned to love the parts of my body that I think are most beautiful, and even though I may not have anywhere near the best figure of all my female friends, I think I have the most realistic and most positive self-image.  Despite (or maybe because of) my birth defect, when someone asks me what I think is beautiful, I can say, "I am."

I think you are beautiful, :). And thanks for sharing such wonderful words. I wish more young people could have a chance to learn from people who have such a healthy attitude.

One last comment, yes the thin models wear the clothes well, but the average model's career only lasts a very short time, really, the effects of a disorder or damaged mind can last a lifetime. What a great cost some must pay for a worldly beauty that will fade and age and fail them in the end. I know of some of my old modelling friends that struggle to find self worth and meaning, cannot relate to men in a normal manner, and feel lost because they can no longer live on their looks alone. You all must realize by now this is a tender subject for me, please forgive me for that.  

Too true! :(

It's very simple. Size 2-4 are the ones first made available to photographers and publicists. If the model can't get into those, she doesn't work. It snowballs from there.

As usual, vote with your wallet.

Hehe, good luck. I've been waiting for years for them to realize that 14+ women can ALSO be over 5'10" and have long legs and arms.  Some have caught on but it's still hard finding good styles in tall.  Then people wonder why I mostly wear men's clothes...

Seconded. I am so sick of having to buy "XXL" shirts to go over my chest when the whole rest of my figure would fit into a "M". 

There is no reason why woman's clothiers  can not make larger sizes so models need not be so slim, maybe they would sale more of these exotic fashions. 

The designers would have to think beyond their collective noses to do that.  It is far easier for them to continue as they are because it makes them money.  That they might make more money by changing course is beyond them.

of course it could be a conspiracy against women because they are fearful of healthy women and are trying to weaken the gender feeling they will then lose that fear when they have forced them into bulemic and/or anorexic states by convincing them that only by starving themselves so that they might fit into the fashions as they are will they be beautiful (put capitals and punctuation where you feel it is needed)

Fortunately there are a number of lovely, healthy women on this orb who do not pay attention to these twits. :)


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