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What industrial / metal music do you like most? (if you like it at all?)

I really like metal & industry!

But I do really love Rammstein! A great band from germany. The new album is really Super sexy, great rythm and a bit dark =))

It's called "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da"..  My favourite songs are "Ich Tu Dir Weh", "Haifisch" and "Fruhling In Paris"..

So... What do you like? Industrial etc..  :)

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Skinny Puppy
Wumpscut, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, (EARLY KMFDM), Front Line Assembly, Nitzer Ebb ,
and TONS of others!!!
Nitzer Ebb and Wumpscut are some favs
Wumpscut, Lords of Acid, and Rammstein are all yummy. I dig some Skinny Puppy too.
good grief - I like nothing specific but the genre in general. I can tell you that this is what going on this weekend for me and my group (which relates to this topic)
ok thanks for all the tips! 'll try to listen to all ^^ and I do like electronic music too :))
Okay so is there a Steampunk fan base enough to get my husbands band to book some Steam events? It is on the table right now.
Please leave you opinions

Give the Blind guardians a listen.
They are pretty amazing,

I suggest you listen to their song "Bard song" at least

Rammstein is amazing btw!
if you like Rammstein try Laibach
(tho' i guess they're dieselpunk)

Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Cabaret Voltaire, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nurse with Wound, Borbetomagus, Current 93...i don't think the later bands have added anything (except maybe "listenability"...).

One side of this music has a harsh, mechanical sound which is quite compatible with Steampunk visuals.

I've been looking for my old cassette to upload of T.G. "Live at Brighton Polytechnic"; for a long time after i bought this i thought it was made with reused motors rather than synthesizers...

if you like German, try Wolfsheim or And One
Nine Inch Nails, HIM (Finland) , Dir en grey (Japan), D (Japan), As I Lay Dying, Dethklok, Malice Mizer (Japan)
I've listened to like Rammstein, Children of Bodom, Meshuggah, and Gorgoroth and I wasn't disappointed.
One band I've been listening to a lot lately is Darkwood from Germany. They're not metal at all though [Neofolk].
How about a bit of visual kei metal from Japan with "Versailles". Their look has a strong Victorian influence which might amuse those of a steampunk disposition. I'm no connoisseur of the genre though so apologies if it doesn't fit the thread:


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