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I've heard a lot of Steampunk tunes over time but it all seems to be sort of sad, gloomy, or ironic. Is that because it refers to a time period that is actually past, gone and dead?

I think there's plenty of room for upbeat, optimistic music in Steampunk. It's about a time when anything was possible and even though mistakes were made, lots of new things were happening. So where's the happy music?

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I was forgetting Professor Elemental, and I was completely unaware of Steampunk Funk Bizarre! I love funk! Abney Park is good but even that one is rather minor key. I'm not saying it's all bad, most of it is very good, just rather regretful-sounding and nostalgic. Thanks for the input!

Nice, reminds me of Marty Robbins as well as Cows With Guns! See, I knew there had to be more out there.

My favorite and how could anyone miss these guys? ENSMB!

And of course The Boston Sprockettes are ALWAYS cheerful (but we do mostly covers so....)

And If you don't find that uplifting enough, how bout a lil electro swing?

Don't click on this - you can't end it. Closing the tab, even choosing a different youtube video this keeps on going!

I'm now rebooting my computer in the hopes it goes away.

The question is, why would you want Caravan Palace to go away?


The Cog is Dead

Steampowered Giraffe

Future by Alex the Kid

The Men That Will Not be Blamed For Nothing. Yes, it is heavy metal, but it is also comedy. Try the song "moon."

Santa Clause is Coming to Town by Justin Bieber (JK!)

And don't forget to listen to my podcast!

Like the podcast!

The Men That Will Not etc., I sampled several tunes on YouTube. That's not heavy metal That's honest-to-goodness Steam PUNK. Must say I quite liked it.

Glad you like the show!

What did you think of the others?

I haven't looked at all the links, but if not previously mentioned, Frenchy and the Punk as well as Hellblinki are great. The podcast Clockwork Cabaret is amazing amounts of fun to listen to!

The Clockwork Cabaret... I used to love them, and then they dissed me big time, and I really don't like them any more. Basically I wanted to use each others shows to help one another, but they just saw me as a competitor and gave me a bad review and sent me rude replies. Listen to Airshipwrecked instead.


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