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Fifty years ago ( June 6th , 1962 ) a Liverpool based pop-group recorded ' Love Me Do '. A great journey began .

For those of a certain vintage the moment we first heard ' The Beatles ' represented the opening of a new world .

The Professor was a schoolboy whose paper round had him rising at 5am ( not recommended to anyone ) , listening to the radio while he dressed . Something caught his attention . It was ' I want to hold Your Hand ' and when it finished the disc-jockey paused and said he liked it so much he would play it again . When the repeat finished he played it again and went on playing it .

As far as the Professor  knows the disc-jockey is still repeating that song .

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Replies to This Discussion well he should be.

There has been a great deal of godawful music released since then.

Finding the gems takes a deal of effort.

Thanks , Wally , brightened up a very cold Winters day .

"All you need is love"..............

" Yesterday "

We've been listening to the Beatles quite a bit while in the car, at my 11 year old's request. Oddly enough, this started because of a Beatles themed episode of the show "Big Time Rush" (which I've been referring to as his generation's version of The Monkeys). He liked the music and started asking about the band. At the same time, one of his friends moved to Russia, leaving behind The Beatles 1 CD (the #1 British and American hit singles). So, the Beatles continue to influence new generations ( maybe that disc-jockey is still repeating that song).

White Christmas?

I should have guessed 'You light up my life'; It seems like it surpassed the 7 million mark the first month after it was released.

(For you young-uns, that song got ridiculous airplay, it was unavoidable for months)

It's been "A Hard Day's Night"

I've missed your humor Wally,

thank you

"I get by With A Little Help From My Friends"

Are your seats reserved , or just standoffish ?

Saw the Who once . It was enough !

My memories of the 1960's suggest that the majority of Beatles fans would not wish to be associated with the activities you outline . Unless , of course , there was some proven medical benefit .


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