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Greetings everyone within the Steampunk Empire - I wanted to give a quick update about the 2010 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball.  This is one of the most elaborate costume events in the United States, held each year by the Artists of Sypher's Court.

The Labyrinth of Jareth 2010
Fantasy Masquerade Ball XIII

Celebrate our Thirteenth Annual Masquerade Ball

Two Enchanting Nights within the Court
at the Legendary Park Plaza
607 S Park View Street; Los Angeles, CA

The Storyline for FRIDAY NIGHT
The Goblin Engineer has filled our Court with wonder and light . Since his evolution, one year ago his workshop has grown and new discoveries have filled his days. His fame grows and strange observers now wander into our realms from distant lands and times to experience his marvels.

Even displaced time travelers like the League of Steam have found themselves interacting with this plucky tinkerer, wondering what new contraptions he will build for the Court exclusively for Friday night. A new Court from the misty glades appears within the Masquerade, driven by curiosity to see this strange goblin and his technology.
Meanwhile, the Queen of the Night waits for her gem to be returned.
Stolen last year by one of the Sypher Guardsmen and lost in our estranged realms, she prepares her creatures to approach the gates between our worlds.

Confirmed Guests for 2010 include
Brother, Stellamara, Faerie Archives, Mirden, Wandering Marrionettes, Stilt Circus, League of Steam, The Elvish Stargazers, The Court of Night Sylphirance and more to be announced!

ABOUT the LoJ Masquerade : (more information)
The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade is a fantasy event of unique character and inspiration. Costumes or formal wear and mask are required to enter the event. Costumes range from faeries and goblins to beautiful Victorian garb, elaborate armors, meticulous steampunk and period attire along with a host of fantasy creatures and characters. We encourage imagination and diverse interaction. Each year, Sypher Art Studios hosts the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade to pay homage to our inspirations and submerge our patrons in a special event of art, music, dance and enchantment.

Go to the Labyrinth of Jareth Website for more information

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wrong side of the country
Really wish that I could attend but we are so broke. Aiming for 2011! Luckily I am in the right side of the country for this one.
Thanks for the interest m'noble friends,

For those possibly considering traveling,
(about 30-40% of the attendees to LOJ are from outside of California, roughly 12% international);

Our exclusive hotel information is at
We're offering exclusive shuttles and very special rates at the 4 diamond Omni Los Angeles Hotel .

We're also looking for volunteers, promoting teas and characters who might want to earn their tickets, if you're in California. Contact us at if you're interested in signing up for the crew this year. The main thing is we want to have an amazing time with people we want to work with.
Would certainly be interested in volunteering. I'll be looking in to it!
Excellent, we look forward to hearing from you Valerie.

This year, the Goblin Clockworks are growing ... We're building some large devices and puppets that you simply won't see anywhere else. Staring upon the Aether through prismatic lenses and elaborate sextants. For those wayward travelers who make it to our Court on Friday Night, the Goblin Engineers would be most interested in discussing any new devices and technologies that you might be working upon.

Or you can contact the Goblin Engineer Directly at
I cannot wait to attend!!


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